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Killers that don't need addons?

derppugderppug Member Posts: 239

Can anyone recommend me some killers that don't need addons (, so I can save my bloodpoints for other characters)?

I currently play a lot of Nurse and a good bit of Huntress. I love that both these killers don't need addons and want to keep with this style of killer.

I do enjoy Hag, but I think that Circle of Healing completely destroys her (or how I like to play her by just hitting a survivor once, instead of chasing for the 2nd down).

I think the only other options are Oni, Spirit and Trickster (and maybe Blight?). But are there any others you think can play without addons and not get frustrated by survivors just bullying you for it? Also feel free to agree/disagree with anything I said.

(And yes, part of me does think that any killer can be played without addons if you are good enough at the game. But I am not.)



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