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The Game needs a fix

It’s 2022 and this game is still bad. The is not balanced at all killers are op it’s too easy being a killer half of the time the killers aren’t swinging at me they swing behind me or miss me completely but it still hits me. There is like 10 hooks in every map, that should be decreased. If you want to have that many hooks in the game at least have a cool down on it bc they can just put you right back on the same hook over and over again and you’ll die. There should be more ways to defend yourself as the survivor. It’s so hard playing survivor bc you get hit by everything you’re always slower than the killer. If you want the killer to be fast then there should definitely be more ways to defend yourself. Yeah we know the killers be fast in the movies but some of the survivors can defend themselves actually.. That’s all i’m saying is that this game released in 2016 and it’s not even really fun to play because you guys won’t make it more balanced this game would be really fun if you guys would work on balancing it. It’s obviously everyone knows this game isn’t balanced. Plz fix this game it would be fun to play with friends we like it but we stopped playing much bc it’s not balanced.


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