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Pointless Rant About Holding the Game Hostage

Killer: the pig / we destroyed her

The Dwight had boil over and kept going to tall floors, so she was tryina make him bleed out for the 1 kill. We got the gens done without her hooking anybody. It happens, but lets move on to the next match right? No!

The Zarina and the Laurie had other plans. They 99'd the gates and stood in from of the lever for like TEN MINUTES just standing there, refusing to open it so I could leave and the game could end.

The killer had gone AFK as many do when they just wanna wait out the EGC timer, or whatever.

Why does BHVR not have a game replay? I play on console, not everyone records every single one of their matches. Why does BHVR not have a system -- 5 years into this damn game -- where you can just report someone for holding the game hostage and they can go back and be like, "yeah thats what they did"


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