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Time To Increase The DC Penalty

PhantomChimeraPhantomChimera Member Posts: 636
edited February 14 in Feedback and Suggestions

As a survivor the last three matches I have played have had someone disconnect when the killer either picked them up or hooked them. The last match I was in had two do it. The penalty should start at 15 or 30 minutes and go up from there.


  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,479

    No wonder if you read what some are writing here.

    Sad but they don´t get it.

    You shall not dc!

  • ThanksForDailyThanksForDaily Member Posts: 1,104

    BHVR wants players to play the game not exit the game.

    Obviously if you got 30 min penalty or more, the players automatically exiting the game.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,979

    No thanks.

  • RipleyRipley Member Posts: 727

    It's really frustrating when a player DC just as you pick them up or hook them.

    I don't know why it happens so much in my matches. I try not to make it about me, because it is the player choosing to DC for whatever reason. I do think "this player was not having fun".

    Do BHVR even care to analyse ragequits in matches to see what design problems cause it?

  • PhantomChimeraPhantomChimera Member Posts: 636
    edited February 14

    It's not a design problem. They are obviously not being camped or tunneled since it is only their first time being hooked for the match.

    Someone has to be the first for the match. Someone has to be the first one to get caught and hooked. Disconnecting just because the player is the first survivor hooked or even if it is your first hook raises the question if this is the game for the player doing so or games involving teamwork for that matter.

    A important telephone call or someone at the door that is potentially a reason to disconnect. Getting up to get something out of the microwave, tripping and breaking your leg(Yes I actually did this once. It was a different game however seem like a good reason to disconnect. :P) is a reason to disconnect. A match not going your way isn't.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,236

    It's a human behavior issue rather than a design issue. Some people just like to throw their toys outta the pram when they get downed early. DBD also hasn't always had a dc penalty we've only had it for maybe the last couple of years or a little longer. DCing used to just be a thing players could do with little consequence and decided it was the "appropriate" response to dealing with any moment they weren't feeling in control or were pitted against a killer they didn't like.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,801

    No, I'm not going to wait 15-30 because my game crashed or an emergency happens. Until that issue gets sorted out, the DC penalty can stay where it's at.

  • PhantomChimeraPhantomChimera Member Posts: 636
    edited February 14

    What game crash issue? I am not aware significant issues at this time. I haven't had a disconnect due to a game issue in a while now.

    As for emergencies perhaps you have however I have never had one resolved in less than 30 minutes anyways so it was of no consequence. I don't rage quit either so my penalties when I do get disconnected have rarely been over 5 minutes and never over 15.

    I wouldn't mind waiting the occasional 30 minutes just to get the problem under control. They are negatively impacting the game from both a survivor and killer side.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,801

    Usually when a new chapter comes out, it's littered with bugs that can either cause the game to crash or force you to DC.

    Really this game shouldn't have a DC penalty with how buggy it can get, but it's here anyway so... Oh well, I guess.

  • PhantomChimeraPhantomChimera Member Posts: 636

    I haven't been experiencing or aware of any game stopping or crashing bugs recently. To what are your referring?

  • IcaursIcaurs Member Posts: 497

    The Dc penalty is useless, and your idea is flawed. Disconnect penalties simply don't work in a game like DBD, when a player can be removed from a match partway through. You could extend the timer so it starts at 24 hours Players will just tab out until the killer kills them. Currently all the DC penalty does is punish players being held hostage by hackers, people who legitimately lose connection and force people to remain in matches where they simply have no reasonable chance of winning, just to feed the ego of the other side. It should have been removed a long time ago.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,801

    I'm talking about potential bugs that can occur. Almost every time a new chapter is released there's some sort of bug and some of them can crash the game.

    Take RPD, for instance. When the map first came out players would crash while loading into or on the map and they would have to take a DC penalty for something they couldn't control.

  • PhantomChimeraPhantomChimera Member Posts: 636
    edited February 14

    Things were considerably worse when the DC penalty is not active so it isn't useless. Losing connection doesn't appear to be an significant issue at the moment. The only time I have disconnected recently was due to a problem on my end. If someone doesn't have a stable internet connection/meet the requirements for the game then they should resolve that before playing instead of negatively impacting the the other players(survivors and killers alike) in the match.

    I have also never been held hostage by a hacker. Didn't know that was a significant issue either.

    The DC penalty is a means to prevent players from disconnecting and negatively impacting the games of the other players. For the survivors this is a game of teamwork. If a player has no intention on being a part of the team then perhaps this game is not for them.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,717

    IF the differentiation could be made between someone unplugging their cable and getting booted, I would be all in favor of absolutely dropping the hammer on people who DC multiple times in a day. Like starting at like an hour and escalating quickly to days of ban time.

  • IcaursIcaurs Member Posts: 497

    Ahh yes players being held hostage by hackers, people being forced to remain in matches while players a toxic or (trolling). Or being forced to remain in matches where players disconnect or all kill themselves on hook. All so that people won't disconnect. Which people easily get around anyway just by allowing themselves to die on hook, making the whole disconnect penalty irrelevant.

    This system is clearly far superior then just... letting people leave a match.

  • darksouls3600darksouls3600 Member Posts: 126
    edited February 14

    No, if some hacker (survivor or killer) force you to DC because he's a little ######### and is holding the game hostage? I not gonna wait 15 or 30 min because that, unfortunately if someone DC is theirs problem not yours, if you are not having fun because X reason, just let the killer kill you or let them do the gens, or... Stop to even care about that and play the game like every streamer you see.

    Just chill, relax and play the game without care, will be a hell less frustrating, I give my word.

  • Lost_BoyLost_Boy Member Posts: 168
    edited February 14

    Survivors DC for anything these days.

    Get a down too fast and DC.

    Get a 2nd down after them being off the hook for 2 mins and DC.

    Get a deathhook and DC.

    Get an M1 & ranged hit a few secs later then DC.

    Get a NOED down & DC.

    Play a killer they don't like or understand DC.

    Slug a sweaty SWF & at least 1 will DC if you win.

    Theres nothing worse though than someone doing it like 30-60 seconds into a game. It just ruins the whole game for the other 3 survivors. Like I sometimes feel like DCing when 3 gens pop in the first 2 mins, but I normally persevere & I actually quite often make a come back and get 3-4k which is pleasantly surprising after having such a bad start. On the flip side I see a lot of survivors teams that do really well after someone DC at start & they would have probably won if that 1 guy didn't have a hissy fit and rage quit 30 secs into the game.

  • PhantomChimeraPhantomChimera Member Posts: 636
    edited February 14

    Many of those of DC's I see are done after being picked up by the killer or being hooked. Perhaps a check could be used to see if they are DC in conjunction or within a certain amount of seconds following one of those in game events and add an additional penalty if it is.

  • Lost_BoyLost_Boy Member Posts: 168

    It's just people rage quiting. Think about it, those 2 events (downing & hooking) are the biggest triggers for survivors rage quiting. I think if it was a common bug you would definitely see a lot more people posting about it on the forums.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,717

    I would bet a large sum of money that 90%+ of DCs are people who DC ragequit the minute it becomes clear the match isn't going to go the way they wanted it to.

    Screw all of those guys, let them rot in e-purgatory until they grow up.

    There are some occasions where someone has something irl happen mid match, or they get booted, and that's understandable, which is why the first instance should be met with a reasonable penalty.

    But once someone starts dipping out of matches multiple times a day, you have to draw a hard line.

    And yes, there are poor souls with crap internet or a janky machines who just can't maintain a stable connection, and as much as it sounds cold and insensitive to say, online gaming probably just isn't something they should invest in until they get that stuff sorted.

  • ProfSinfulProfSinful Member Posts: 270

    Honestly I don't care if people quit the game. If someone doesn't like something then who am I to force them to play it out? We're all here to play a game to have fun so if they aren't having fun then they should be allowed to just dip. The same applies to me. I don't enjoy certain parts of the game and honestly have hit a point where I simply won't put up with it because I would rather wait the 5 minutes and queue up and almost certainly have a better game afterwards than sit through a pinhead, freddy (boring playing against the same freddy build every single freddy game) or basement bubba game. Bonus points if I get to deny those people pop, bbq, pain resonance, dms, etc.

  • Daniel28Daniel28 Member Posts: 39

    Not always, I believe killers should get the DC penalties for every survivor that dcs, from its bullshit thay I get a penalty for the killers cheating playstyle. Basically what happens is I get hooked and a killer teleports right next to me less than a second I get unhooked and downs me. Tunnel me and camps me insidiously.

    So yeah I believe that need done with, it's 1 thing near end game or the survivor is toxic by T-bagging or flash light clicking, but not right off the bat. I think what killer should get is a bigger Bloodpoint penalties for downing a survivor less than a 2 minutes from off hook, or camping inside the radius, from currently it only affects emblems when it should affect Bloodpoints

  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 2,792


    Not until they completely stop cheaters

  • MrSheep51MrSheep51 Member Posts: 63

    Honestly I've had less DCs since the event started and most my games have been 3-4Ks, but it does get really annoying when people DC on first down or hook. Don't get it as much when I play survivor but I have only played survivor four or so times this event. It is quite dumb having the penalty at five minutes when for me personally that would be the time of a break between most games, it doesn't really have much consequences other than losing BPs. Hopefully it gets addressed soon as it really can ruin games as Survivor.

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