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Sadako is too weak, should be buffed to be stronger.

champzaza007champzaza007 Member Posts: 4
edited February 15 in 5.6.0 PTB Feedback

Sadako is a disappointing killer, but she is weak, her rank is only C or D or lower. Her abilities are difficult to use. And it's almost impossible to use it. Brown add-ons are the best. Other add-ons ranging from green, purple and red are almost useless.

I understand the developer might want to keep the "7 days or die in 7 days" concept. But applying the concept of "7 days" to collecting a stack of 7 marks, it takes a very long time to store. and in real play It's almost impossible to collect them all.

- The Onryō only had to teleport to a TV with survivors nearby, to begin stacking. And there is no other way to collect more stacks.

- Add on purple : "VCR" and "TAPE EDITING DECK" seems like a good add on, but it's useless.

"VCR" allows all TVs to work regardless of Onryō teleport to any TV.

"TAPE EDITING DECK" causes the survivor to immediately hold a videotape at the start of the game.

Here are some useful and practical add-ons

- Add on (brown) : Old Newpaper, Mother's Mirror

- Add on (yellow) : Clump of Hair, Reiko's Watch

- Add on (green) : Ring Drawing, Well Water, Bloody Fingernails

- Add on (red) : Remote Control

Other than that, it's nonsense and can't really be used.

The problem is that there are two ways to stack of The Onryō.

1.The Onryō only had to teleport to a TV with survivors nearby, to begin stacking. And do the same thing over and over. 

2. Survivors must only hold video tapes. to collect more and more stacks

I don't know if it's a bug or not. But I added the "VCR" and "TAPE EDITING DECK" add-ons together and I found that every time Onryō teleports, all TVs are working. But no more stacks are collected. Whether or not the survivor is holding the video

So what is the problem?

- Since stacks can be collected from that, The Onryō must teleport only to a TV with survivors nearby. There is no need for survivors to worry. Because in real play, for The Onryō to collect all 7 stacks is almost impossible. Teleport to TV 1 time, get 1 stacks, have to teleport 7 times? in order to collect all and used the ability ?

As for Onryō, it can be teleported to the TV at any time without a cooldown. For me it's not a problem at all. (If you have a problem with this you must be a player very weak survivor). 

then ask As the stack increases from The Onryō, it must only be teleported to the TV with nearby survivors. Why do you need to remove the videotape? You can wait for 6 or 7 stacks and then solve the curse. I don't see it in a hurry (Remove the video tape and place it on another TV).

Therefore, for Onryu or Sadako, it must be improved to stronger. (If you think Sadako is good now should be nerfed = you play very weak).


For Buff

*Power and Ability**

- In my opinion Dev should add the curse in real time. It's like Freddy's sleeping and collecting pinhead's lament power. 

- should find a way to do whatever Give the survivors more need to undo the curse. It is necessary to eject the videotape and insert it into another TV.

- Onryō should be able to see the Survivor near the TV location. or survivors who are removing the videotape or inserting the videotape. Because Onryō possesses the curse. There should be a way for her to be able to effectively control or use the curse.

**Add-on** Should adjust the add on to look more useful and practical.

- For example, the Red add on is very useless, so let me offer: when The Onryu comes out of the TV, All survivors suffer from the Exposed Status Effect for 30 seconds.


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