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hey maybe don't buy the crypt tv skins

AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,783
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  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,100

    Everyone's gotta shill out for some damn NFT's...

  • ThanosPAWGThanosPAWG Member Posts: 361

    I bought the look see skin with shards so I didn't contribute but honestly even if I knew that they had done nft's beforehand and I had spare money I still probably would have bought them.

  • FriendlyBubbaFriendlyBubba Member Posts: 229

    Could someone explain this to me, please?

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    I think we ought to be more concerned with the video game industry.

    Just Minecraft alone is said to generate 600,000,000 kg CO2 emissions. That’s the equivalent of 3 cars on the road per game.

    Time to cancel DBD?

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    That’s your interpretation and you’re welcome to it.

    My point is more the hypocrisy. The environmental impact of the NFT industry pales in comparison to the gaming industry, so I find it ironic when gamers get up in arms about NFTs.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,469

    I'd refund the Look-See skin if I could.

    I hope Behavior never collaborates with them again, though given their track record, I don't think that will happen.

  • ThanosPAWGThanosPAWG Member Posts: 361

    I mean you can still like them. McDonald's did an nft yet people still eat there, Coca-Cola did an not yet people still drink their products, even Texas Chainsae Massacre did nfts yet I still like their movies. I'm not trying to condone nfts but at this point you can't really do much about them.

  • UistreelUistreel Member Posts: 629


  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,783

    there are ways to enjoy things without supporting the owners, generally that's the best route

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 2,420


  • OpenXOpenX Member Posts: 890

    I can almost guarantee some of the products you use are made with slave labor overseas but I bet that won't stop you using them.

    The only people mad about NFTs are the people not making any money off them

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