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Dead by Survivor Killers arent allowed to have Fun in this Game

As a Killer who just play to have Fun u dont have any Chance even if u lose 3 Games in a Row u still get sweaty SWF Teams that tbag u ans dont give u ans Chance

If u want to play a Killer u Never play and dont have ans Good Perks on it u still get sweaty SWF Teams whit 4 Dead Hards and 2 CoH

If u finally be able to down a Survivor u cant even get the hook because the SWF Team is Body Blocking you so u cant get to the hook

U winning a Chase? Nope Dead Hard is here ans the Survivor can easy get a Window or pallet he shouldnt get

U are playing Ruin to have some Gen pressure ? Nope in 7 out of 8 Matches its getting Destroyed instant in the first 20 seconds but hey Survivors can always use theee broken CoH Boon Totems

Most of the M1 Killers are unplayable because of the awful Map Designs

SBMM Working against Killers so if u are a Casual Killer and get a 4K the next Games u are Matches against sweaty high rank Survivors

DbD is losing alot Players because alot Killers players quiting the Game because playing Killer is so stressful Now and they arent Happy about SBMM, Dead Hard and CoH

PLZ BHVR finally do something and fix the Game


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