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Fixing the massive grind fest


This is very simple, make items and their addons, all perks from both sides and offerings account wide and not character locked, killer addons obv have to be character locked

this way the game becomes more enjoyable and the community is happy, currently i rarely play killer because i have barely any perks on them, where as i worked for months and months just to get all perks on a single survivor.

then give us the option to burn items addons and offerings for some bp back in exchange, a lower amount will suffice.

these 2 simple changes will completely solve the giant grind problem of dbd


  • ItsJesseFFSItsJesseFFS Member Posts: 100
    edited February 22

    A few of the ideas I've had, and even heard from others is pretty good for reducing the grind. I can certainly agree, with the huge number of killers and survivors we have now, the grind is extremely rough, especially if you're a newer player or you go to work.

    For example:

    • Remove perk tiers
    • Reduce teachables from 30/35/40 to levels 20/25/30
    • Make 1.5x bloodpoint gain the BASE bp gain across the board
    • Award more than 32K points per-match
    • Keep Red Envelopes (or something equivalent) in the game permanently, it adds a fun side objective and grants BP
  • DsnoozDsnooz Member Posts: 212

    BHVR mentioned they were worried about the grind still having bloodpoint creep even if they removed tiers. The better fix is to have teachables unlock the perks at T3 for all survivors/killers so that they never shows up in the Bloodweb again.

    This will allow players to grind to prestige 3 while having perks available on the characters they want. The overall grind will be fixed range of bloodpoints for the most part.

    Generic items, add-ons, and perks will be all it takes to go through each prestige. The grind will be a lot less frustrating.

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