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Why Dead by Daylight is a game that will die

When I player killer, everything I get are just cheating survivors, insta healing, jumping 10m high, nocliping survivors. I've recorded it, sent it to the report page. No answer, they're still playing.

If I have good days, I'll just get some toxic survivors that are trolling me and other survivors, rushing gens, flashlight no sense use and that stuff. We all know those problems, they are bodyblocking and well they're justing playing good I guess. But too good for me. If the match ends, I'll get as a ash killer red ranked survivors. All I can say, GG devs.

Imagine being new to the game, getting that experience. The game will just be deinstalled.

When I play survivor, I always get people that are acting without any brain. Hiding in bushes, not doing gens, farming other survivors from hooks, try to flashlight save. Some are even trolling.

The killers are mostly face camping, camping and tunneling. Its pretty rare to get a killer that is not doing that stuff.

So this game is dead to me because all this stuff except cheating, belongs to the game. But from playing 10 rounds, 9 rounds are sucking with the already shown problems. I've deinstalled dead by daylight because its actually just a waste of time. In the morning (UK time) I always get killers and survivors from russia and you all know, russian players are toxic, cheating and well known camper players. Not all but I'm sure its quite a huge number.

If I camp as a survivor, there are crows around me. So why the killer is not getting a penality like a boost for survivors doing gens, or stopping hook time. There are many ways, and of course a region lock, that will give this game a new sense. But all I see are dropping player counts.


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