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Ringu Chapter Easter Eggs and References|5.6.0

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I checked and looked at and watched the Ringu chapter and I realized some good and rare scenes but I would say I cannot post any of them because I don't have a pc and share a video.

But i'll explain about the scenes and all that easter eggs from the movie and other things in the game.

  1. Every time spam of waiting in the lobby playing as the Onyro will jumpscare you. You can avoid it by turning her around.
  2. Her appearence is from the japanese ring.
  3. Her nails has clipped off because she tried and failed to get off the well.
  4. The survivor is from the Japanese ring (Obviously).
  5. The well on the dbd trailer is from the red forest on the mother's dwelling.
  6. Her M1 power is based on the symbol called "Curse."

These are the things I just put down. If you have any questions or anything you wanna add, you can always comment down if you wanna add more to these references and easter eggs if you wanna say something in general.

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