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Solo Q MMR hell



  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885
    edited February 23

    I want to say something snarky like "lul git gud" or "do bones", but dayum ... what you describe is truly MMR Hell!! There is just no escape. You are trapped!!! :V

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,835

    Your last paragraph in particular raises a really good question. What is the plan here?

    We're how many months into SBMM? It's still putting fresh accounts against players like me who have 3500 hrs. On top that, you have an absolutely monstrous grind that puts some F2P MMOs to shame and a majority of the content locked behind paywalls. So these new accounts load in with Distressing 1, Deerstalker 2, and Unrelenting against my 4 man w/ 10k hrs and full meta.

    Is anyone at BHVR awake? Hello?

  • CybilCybil Member Posts: 952

    I'm in this exact same boat. i want to save my teammates but the mmr system punishes us too harshly for that.

    De-pip? Who cares?

    Worse teammates and overall lower quality matches? That's just a kick in the teeth.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,131

    Very true. Solos hardly ever escape as it is. All it takes is an average killer with slowdown and there's absolutely nothing the survivors can do.

    Survivors need many buffs, not nerfs.

  • ObservantOfTimeObservantOfTime Member Posts: 209

    Yep, that's the problem. Where is this going? Player count is dropping, the system throws new players to the wolves, and seemingly no plan to somehow close the gap.

    Starting out as a brand new survivor is a lot more doable than starting out as a brand new killer imho. At least when you're still green you got your teammates to hopefully carry you, but as a new killer? It's you against whatever the game finds quickly, not taking things like player level, devotion, loadout, etc. into consideration. Speaking of devotion, I would much prefer to see players devotion level instead of their grade, because that gives me a much better impression of how much that particular person has played the game overall. Perhaps display them both, in some sort of combined emblem beside the player name during the endgame screen.

    Anyways, what's the plan? The new player experience is worse than it has ever been, and with every chapter of content added it only gets worse, because there's that much more catching up to do. Sure, players don't need every single perk on every single character, but the staple of killer perks that is needed might as well be years away to a new player. When I think of the average player, a person who plays maybe 8 - 10 hours of video games a week, how is DBD an attractive game to them? Virtually everything cool and useful is locked behind DLC's (sure, some can be bought with shards), and even if you buy the DLC's, you still got to unlock everything.

    Let's consider the "optimal" route a new killer main might want to go. First thing he needs to get after purchasing the base game is the Leatherface DLC, otherwise you'll be earning bloodpoints at 1/4 of the possible rate. That right there is a huge time saver, and should probably be the first thing you purchase, ideally along with the game. Good, now what? Play bubba for god knows how long until you hit lvl 40. Unlock BBQ. Now go play the killer you wanted to play in the first place and keep playing until you unlock BBQ. Great. Now your games will at least yield a bearable amount of bloodpoints, but probably nowhere near enough for how frustrating those matches are going to be. Then you're going to think "Hm, what other perks do I need", and before you realize it you got 6 DLC's in your shopping cart and the next few months tied up for unlocking the useful perks. Maybe you'll have enough shards along the way to buy one with in-game currency. Is this honestly okay? To me, this sounds like a chore and not like a way to forget about my day and blow off some steam.

    So what can be done? Removal of perk tiers is out of the question, that's too much work. I'm a big proponent of getting rid of teachables all together, you buy the DLC and the perks automatically become available in the bloodweb of every character. There's still heavy RNG involved in getting what you want. But that only addresses the perk / loadout issue and not the new player experience. I think the game is in dire need of an alternate game-mode that's basically a free-for-all. Like kill your friends, but with strangers instead. You have access to everything you purchased, get to play the game in an unranked environment, free from whatever it is the SBMM system is trying to do, and earn some bloodpoints for when you want to play ranked mode. The bloodweb system could straight up be replaced by a shop instead, giving the devs better insight into what items / add-ons are popular and what nobody ever buys. Hey, here's a chance for some balancing / tuning of useless or never used add-ons!

    Now that I have ranted about all of this, it's back to reality where nothing substantial is going to get changed, new content gets pumped out every 3 months, and maybe by pure luck, the playercount will be in the greens again some day.

  • MB666MB666 Member Posts: 520

    and thats why I play killer more often now..if i died protecting my teammates, mmr just gives me worse and worse teammates the more i do it.

  • scorpioscorpio Member Posts: 341

    That has nothing to do with killers being OP and everything to do with solo queue needing serious buffs to raise it closer to SWF levels. Then killers could be buffed accordingly. As it stands, killers are too strong against solo and oftentimes too weak against SWF. When the difference between the lowest level and highest level is so huge, balancing is a nightmare. This is why stuff like Kindred needs to be base kit because it gives solo queue survivors similar information to what SWFs have. Same with little icons being on the survivor portraits to show if they’re on a gen or healing or cleansing a totem or being chased or just messing around doing nothing. This is all info SWFs already have so giving the same info to solo queue would bring them up closer to SWF and mean killers could be stronger without completely stomping solo queue.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,835

    I'm in favor of essentially killing the grind entirely. I'm not grinding because it's fun to grind. I'm playing in spite of the grind and I'm more annoyed by it with every chapter. And there's no way I'd pick the game up now as a new player. Absolutely not.

    It's a really dumb problem they've created with short term money grabs over the years instead of investing in the infrastructure of the game. It's normal for vets to get bored and move on to other games. But there's no catch up mechanic when a player returns. You simply have a ridiculous grind when you play, and if you quit, you have a ridiculous grind when you come back. No other game is like that. Not even MMOs.

    Normally a game would want to bring in a consistent new player population to sustain the normal loss of vet players. But the new player experience in this game is a complete joke. You couldn't make up a worse one. You're pretty much guaranteed to face multi thousand hour players within your first week of playing. You have literally thousands of hours worth of grind.

    I imagine new player retention is getting worse over time because we're in year 6 and the new player experience and grind haven't been addressed in meaningful ways.

  • ObservantOfTimeObservantOfTime Member Posts: 209

    I strongly agree with your sentiment about a catch-up mechanic. Most long-running multiplayer or mobile games have those to get players up to a level where they can actually compete with current content, but DBD? Here's your Lvl. 1 Dwight, and you get to equip Tier 1 Leader, best of luck! It's almost schizophrenic to recommend players to buy the game, and then collect BP codes for like a year before they intent on playing the game. If I had to start playing now, from the start, I'd probably uninstall in less than 2 hours and see if I can get a refund. There's something incredibly frustrating about seeing your opponents and teammates with loadouts that are several hundreds, maybe a thousand, of hours away from you, and knowing there is nothing I can do but grin and bear it. And that sort of thing really turns people off from a game.

    I'm not against grinding at all. I enjoy progressing and getting better stuff. But at least I want to have fun and a good time while I'm grinding, and that is something current DBD fails at, miserably. Access to all the perks for unlocked DLC's should be the minimum acceptable solution to level the playing field for new players, the BP grind can stay for items / add-ons / offerings / cosmetics, the things you consume when playing a game or have no influence on gameplay. One could consider perks a necessity for the game after reaching a certain threshold, without which the game is in an even more unbalanced state. To take those perks and lock them behind god knows how many hours of dread and misery is the definition of sadism on BHVR's part, and I salute all the new players who start out and stick with it. I don't have the guts for that.

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