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I'm giving up on DBD, here's why

I'm giving up on DBD. Let me tell you a story, I started playing DBD around October last year and I really enjoyed the game. However once I got to the higher ranks (silver and gold) I started getting games full of salty survivors that had clearly a few hundred at least hours on the game meanwhile I had around 10. I did not let that stop though, I continued playing and (mostly) enjoying the game...Then the MMR was introduced. It almost immediately decreased the fun I got out of the game. I decided around when the Ringu chapter was announced that I would take a break (due to lack of fun and just burn out) from the game I planned to have a maybe 2 or 3 week break, that was a few months ago now. and finally yesterday I decided to play the game again to see if the game had improved at all, the first match I played (at Ash rank 1 btw) I went a toxic SWF with all matching outfits, sent me to the game, with flashlights then proceeded to play as toxic as possible( they were also mostly gold and silver rank). I decided 'Hey it was just one game, surely the rest cant be bad right?' Of the around ten games I played, only one I had a positive experience. I really tried to give this game a second chance but, the game is just not getting better and the fun has slowly been sucked out of the game for me. So I decided to just stop. I really didn't want to do this seeing as how fun I had playing with some of my friends but, I just can't anymore. Opinions on the current state of the game? I'm curious to see if anyone else had a similar experience to me


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