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Game Mode Concept: Item Hunt/Quick Trial

emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 174
edited February 26 in Creations

Note that this would be an option to "classic" mode, not a replacement.

No generators

No hooks

Perks/Addons related to hooks, generators and such will be blocked and thus unusable

The trial spawns with as many chests as possible (11 chests, equivalent to 4 shiny coins offerings)

Game time is set to 10 minutes

Gates will be automatically open with 8 minutes and EGC will start

Survivors can only leave the trial if they have an item

Killers have build in Franklin's demise in their basic attacks/special attacks

No hatch

No crows

Since there is no hooks, if all 4 survivors are in the dying state at the same time, it's an instant win for the killer to prevent a boring 2 minutes of just survivors being slugged scenario

If all chests are opened, and all items are consumed by the entity via Franklin's Demise, an extra chest will spawn in the basement and have its aura revealed to all survivors.

Survivors cannot leave items on the ground to dodge franklin's, they can only replace them in chests.

Items that are part of a killer's base kit count for the purpose of escaping the trial, such as:

-Cenobite's Lamment Configuration

-Nemesis' Vaccine

-Onryo's Video Tape

Obviously, if a survivor has not escaped the Trial when the 10 minutes are up, they will be sacrificed.

Interactions with some killer powers:

-The Nightmare can teleport to chests

-The Pig reverse bear traps activate upon picking up an item

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