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Surprisingly... the only relevant killers are originals.

I have come to the conclusion that original killers are way more meta than any licensed killers.


  • Trapper - Meh
  • Wraith - Meh
  • Hillbilly - Weak
  • Nurse - Great
  • Hag - Meh
  • Doctor - Meh
  • Huntress - Great
  • Clown - Meh
  • Spirit - Great
  • Legion - Meh
  • Plague - Meh
  • Oni - Meh
  • Deathslinger - Meh
  • Blight - Great
  • Twins - Meh
  • Trickster - Meh
  • Artist - Great

While licensed killers are:

  • Shape - Weak
  • Cannibal - Meh
  • Nightmare - Meh
  • Pig - Weak
  • Ghost Face - Weak
  • Demogorgon - Weak
  • Pyramid Head - Meh
  • Nemesis - Meh
  • Cenobite - Weak
  • Onryo - Weak

Not a single meta licensed killer I can think of that is above Meh. Am I right or what?


  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 1,099

    I don't think PH is meh. He's quite ok imho

  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 1,099

    And that's perfectly fine. Not all killers need to have the same level of power. But he's not "meh" either

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    Demogorgon - Weak

    Straight up wrong.

    Licensed Killers usually (Nemesis aside) have to stay close to the source material, which is why most of them aren't that good

  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 1,099

    Oh yeah I didn't even notice demo on the list. He's far from weak too

  • deKlaw_04deKlaw_04 Member Posts: 3,660

    Demo, pyramid head and nemesis are good killers. Just because they aren’t top tier doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Also myers is better than legion and trapper. Oni is also good too he is not meh. Huntress is overrated (this is me being biased I hate huntress so don’t pay attention to this one)

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    Oni and Plague are definitely better than Demogorgon, they're pretty strong, Plague being in the middle of A tier, while Oni is a little under.

    Demogorgon is definitely A tier with his best Add-ons and Perks. Use Barb's Glasses with Leprose Lichen and Corrupt Intervention, No Way Out, maybe Ruin Undying or PR with DMS, or the old PGTW with Enduring and you'll have a good time

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,966

    yeah, if a licensed killer was the strongest (Nurse, Blight, Spirit Tier) then we would have massive complaints the game would be pay2win.

    also your list is just very subjective. Hillbilly for example is clunky and has a high skill floor since the rework but he is far from weak. Hag is also pretty strong though i guess very map dependent/situational (and suffers greatly from CoH Meta). Didn’t even look at the list any further than that..

  • Sunbreaker7Sunbreaker7 Member Posts: 580

    Leatherface meh? He can make pretty strong comebacks when putting up the pressure, forcing risky saves, and punishing survivors for it. I say he is great in the right hands.

  • emodeshortemodeshort Member Posts: 174

    Oni Meh? Really?

    Uh... Ok

  • Chaos999Chaos999 Member Posts: 630

    I'm gonna assume that "meh" actually means "I don't like it, so I'm gonna put it on the irrelevant list"

    Otherwise I just can't see how pyramid head is not relevant

  • GrimReaperJr1232GrimReaperJr1232 Member Posts: 1,110

    Let's go over them one at a time

    • Shape - Weak (Understatement of the year)
    • Cannibal - Meh (Meh? He's pretty damn solid. Might need bamboozle at least, but he's still a force to be reckoned with)
    • Nightmare - Meh (You give this guy far too much credit)
    • Pig - Weak (Agreed)
    • Ghost Face - Weak (He's on the list to get buffs alongside Legion, so a little moot atm)
    • Demogorgon - Weak (Demo isn't "weak." He's still a great pallet shredder with good chase potential and does have some mobility even if you have to prepare for it.)
    • Pyramid Head - Meh (He's borderline impossible to loop when played correctly, much like Artist. That with his tunneling powers make him a very respectable killer. Give him some credit)
    • Nemesis - Meh (Eh, I guess. I'd compare him to Pyramid Head, but that early game of powering up combined with the vaccines definitely holds him back)
    • Cenobite - Weak (I have no clue because this guy is very unpredictable. A good Ceno can essentially take the game hostage as he slaughters you, or he can be a worse Clown. There is no in-between)
    • Onryo - Weak (She's... not even out yet. We've had killers that were jokes only to be killer machines after people played them such as Blight or Twins.)
  • NoOneKnowsNovaNoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,352

    In what world is Hillbilly the only weak original killer?

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 3,147

    Dont confuse "great at nothing" with being weak. Demos got a lot going for him when you add everything up.

    Maybe that is something that isnt prioritized on a competitive environment, but in a chaotic and unpredictable party game such as Dbd, a Jack of all Trades killer is something that's very much appreciated even if he lacks the blowout potential of other killers

  • CryptFriendCryptFriend Member Posts: 416

    Whichever one has a cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo, because it sure as hell isn't this one

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 4,308

    Cannibal is far from Meh

    Same with Cenobite

  • AdaezAdaez Member Posts: 859

    Spirit great?ok,Spirit gameplay revolves to guessing a 50/50 lol.

  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 1,409

    Cenobite is weak and Clown is meh...alright.

  • prion11prion11 Member Posts: 351

    These are just such terrible takes on balance, but the worst part is that you have no "good" tier between the top and the "meh". and you think legion is anything besides weak

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129
  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,877

    Freddy used to be the best of this list by a LONG shot.

    BHVR just messed him up after a week.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171


    Any who Bubba, Nemesis, Cenobite, and I guess PH (I don't think so but lots do) are all very solid Licensed killers.

    As for your list you have Billy weak and Hag meh no offense but they are both actually very good. By having Hag and Plague for that matter labeled as meh....the same meh as Trapper and Wraith makes this thread just crumble into nothing.

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