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Deep Wound Status Effect and Mending

The way the deep wound status effect is set up is so physiologically unrealistic. Why the heck is the timer paused while a Survivor is in a chase? It’s not like irl you have a gash in your stomach, and if you run, your gut won’t spill out. Also, the mend duration sucks. It says that the duration is 12 seconds for self-mending and 8 seconds for altruistic mending, but for self-mending, it’s only 4 seconds. I know cuz I kept count of the timer and how it took to mend after applying the status effect. The duration has to be longer. I don’t care if it puts pressure on Survivors cuz being chased by a killer isn’t supposed to be easy to deal with. Status effects, powers, and perks like this don’t make them more balanced, it just makes them easier for Survivors to counteract to the point where if they’re a troll, they can do it whenever they want just because.


  • ViaVia Member Posts: 66

    Damn you right its so unrealistic when your a giant monster from another demesion with a flap as a face with a bunch of teeth on it chasing a Witch girl at the RBD police station and she just stops bleeding out because your chasing her

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,534

    Well, I guess you weren't present here when the old Deep Wounds / Old Legion were a thing, right? It was extremely unfair before the current version.

    Iirc, the first version of Deep Wounds used to go down outside of a chase, the issue was that you could exploit it by moonwalking to a Survivor to avoid triggering a chase and they wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

    Then there was the second version that only went down while outside of the Killer's terror radius, this made it more bearable, until one interesting Perk came out with a interesting brand new status effect called Oblivious, this basically meant that after stunning the Killer while being in Deep Wounds, you were going down no matter what, no skill involved from the Killer's side.

    And now we have possibly the healthiest version of Deep Wounds, there aren't currently any exploits I can think of, which is a good thing. The only issue with Deep Wounds now is that it is just uninteresting time waster, but it's still much better than guaranteed down with no skill involved.

    Also Deep Wounds takes 12 seconds to mend, I don't know how could you count 4 seconds...

  • Maniacal_MatroManiacal_Matro Member Posts: 90
    edited March 4

    1) I was here before The Legion DLC

    2) Duh, of course the first version was hard and couldn’t trigger a chase. I said that in the post. That’s the point. You should not do anything until you mend. It’s not supposed to be fair. Irl, one would’ve been on the ground laying on a pile of their own guts. Wanna know why? Cuz shaking your guts when running with an open ### wound is a bad idea.

    3) You wouldn’t know how long the mend for the one Survivor’s mend, so hush.

  • KajdanKiKajdanKi Member Posts: 218

    Deep Wound is simply to waste survivor time. It takes like 15-20 sec to get mended and it sometimes renders perks like adrenaline useless.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,282
    edited March 4

    First, self-mending is meant to be 12 seconds; I’ve never seen anyone finish it in 4 but if that actually happened to you in game then that’s a bug and you should report it. There isn’t anything that makes it faster (there are some legion and deathslinger addons that make it take longer though).

    Second, it would be broken if it didn’t pause while running. It actually doesn’t pause in chase vs. not in chase, you just need to be running. Is it truly realistic the way it is now? Perhaps not. Would it be better for the game if it was? Not really.

    Outside of a specific addon combo on legion, Deep Wound isn’t really meant to be something you die to, it’s just meant to slow the game down.

  • Maniacal_MatroManiacal_Matro Member Posts: 90

    What I am asking is why not make it to where the timer is not as short as it usually is when walking and make to where the timer at least slightly increases when a Survivor is sprinting.

  • Maniacal_MatroManiacal_Matro Member Posts: 90

    This is a problem because it does this with every killer that can inflict a Survivor with the status effect.

  • Maniacal_MatroManiacal_Matro Member Posts: 90

    1) I've watched the timers every time to make sure. I used to think that it was bug, but it kept happening.

    2) I know that. Why do you think I said not running should slow the timer down so it doesn't run out as fast? Also, this has nothing to do with a Survivor being within the Killer's Terror Radius. You need to mend before you do anything, even if the Killer finds you. So, yes it still does sound as realistic, if not more. For Survivors, it wouldn't, but who cares? At least the status effect would not be as useless as it is now.

    3) Yeah, and the only way to do that is to make Survivors walk instead of running.

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