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a vague survivor concept

I have had this idea for a while and it really wants to come out. Looking at the background of survivors, all their personalities without exception paint a likeable picture. Sure, there are the scoundrel types (Ace, Nea, possibly David), but even they are relatively decent folks. Guys I'd gladly hang out with. And then there's those everyday hero types like Meg or Francis.

Now, one of the aspects I love the most about DBD is that while you have to cooperate with your fellow survivors, occasionally you're also competing with them or have some sort of conflict of interest. One obvious example is letting the second to last die on the hook or bleed out, so you can get the hatch. Then there are those times when someone uses Bond to lead the killer to a mate, hoping the killer would change target. Or one I actually use sometimes: equipping Empathy and hide away until someone is injured in a distance, and jump on a generator only then - safer that way, ain't it? :)

I know gamestyles like this drive some players mad, and I have had a fair number of times when I went back from exit to save someone and died in the process, and that is a fun part of the game too. But I'd love a survivor whose whole background story and perks make him "that guy everyone hates". I'd love a perk that lets you perform a mercy kill on a downed survivor, to get the Hatch faster (ok, that would be somewhat drastic, but still...). Or another that can, say, hide your scratch marks from the killer for say 20-30 seconds but at the price of making a nearby survivor's aura visible to the killer for a certain amount of time. Or some more simple ones: letting others heal you a lot faster while you heal others slower.

Don't really have it all planned out in my head (it's not like the devs don't have hundreds of suggestions thrown at them), but my main point is, it'd be so nice to have a chapter where the new survivor is some despicable, selfish #########. A lawyer, some con preacher, a disgraced politician, a once popular artist now fallen due to a sex scandal... so many options.


  • JJRULEZ159JJRULEZ159 Member Posts: 27

    I like it, a kinda guy(or gal) you love to hate. neat.

  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,068

    That's not vague, this is vague.

    In the beginning of the entity's realm there was this arrogant bully named ........

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,463

    Trustworthy Patches says "Hi, look, theres a nice purple Flashlight down that basement! other survivor proceeds to get surprise-Leatherface'd

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