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Legion buff

teslatesla Member Posts: 446
edited March 10 in Feedback and Suggestions

How would you buff the Legion?

I'd start with:

  • Let him see scratch marks again in frenzy
  • Reduce cooldown and fatigue
  • Performing a basic attack no longer depletes the power gauge
  • Give him a 0.2 m/s boost after every frenzy slash

Then perhaps consider giving a "CTRL" ability that charges after several successful frenzy hits (like trickster main event), something to help him down an injured survivor, perhaps something with a faster vault, since he is all about vaulting.

Also it would be nice having a better addon, like something to trigger killer instinct (with reduced radius) in frenzy even before hitting someone in frenzy, perhaps deactivating scratch marks while in frenzy, or having a requirement, like missing a feral slash outside a chase, but without going directly to frenzy cooldown (but with its own brief cooldown to prevent spamming).


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