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DCing on Shoulder bug

BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,423

Just had a bug when I was picking someone up, they DC'd and I was stuck with a player on my shoulder, I couldn't use my power or do a lunge attack. Had to throw the game and let them stun me with a pallet, The players character dropped from my shoulder and was able to be healed and hit as if they were still in the game.
Not sure if it's been posted before but just thought I'd do so just in case.


  • SamayelSamayel Member Posts: 33

    Lots of weird bugs can happen when a survivor DCs on the shoulder. Another survivor did so but his character didn't disappear. The killer carried her to the hook where she "died", but her kindred stayed active on that hook for the rest of the match.

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