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Am i weird? is it just me?

MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 2,500

Do anyone of you while playing, call killers or survivors different names? what do you say when gaming? what insults or nicks do you throw out there? i call Claudette, Clarice....the Hag, the Haggis....anyone else do weird stuff?


  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 4,876
    Pig=Miss piggy 
    Legion=Edgy Teens
    Wraith=Chicken legs
    Laurie=Stupid horse faced [BAD WORD]
    Michael= Stalky boi 
    Hag= Hagrid or grandma 
    Freddy= Sweater boi or D A R N
    Huntress= Bunny mom
    Dwight= Locker
    Doctor= Zappy boi
    Trapper= Trappy boi
    Hillbilly= Fast as F*ck boi
    Nurse= Wheezy
    Clown= The T H I C C boi
    Leatherface= Basement dweller 
    Quentin= Sleepy boi
    David= Sexy boi
    Jeff= Metalhead 
    Cluadette= "Initiate cloak mode"
    Meg= Megan 
    Feng= Twitch thot
    Adam= Fresh prince of Bel-Air
    Bill= Grandpa 
    Tapp= Detective Tapp SOME BOOTY
    Ace= Ace, who's that? 

  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 2,500

    @PhantomMask20763 You are my god! but in game do you ever scream stuff out? every time i hit Megas the Killer, i go a Peter Griffen Voice and say, shut up meg! lol

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 4,876
    Mushwin said:

    @PhantomMask20763 You are my god! but in game do you ever scream stuff out? every time i hit Megas the Killer, i go a Peter Griffen Voice and say, shut up meg! lol

    Yup!!! You can hear me saying BITCH or D A R N when I'm playing as Freddy a lot 
  • MushwinMushwin Member Posts: 2,500

    LOL...oh i swear so much....!

  • radioblurradioblur Member Posts: 23
    Oh yeah I talk to my game a lot. If I’m killer and I’m chasing a bunch of Claudette’s I’ll say “Come here Claudette 1.” 😂 I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. 
  • VietfoxVietfox Member Posts: 3,826
    I call all of them "targets".
  • HarryToeknucklesHarryToeknuckles Member Posts: 91

    The Pig = Pigsaw

  • FoggyDownpourFoggyDownpour Member Posts: 237
    These are all slang terms I actually use, both outloud and in text :P Some are a little more common, some rather unique

    --General terms--
    Bear Traps: Snapple trappins
    Gens: Gennie
    Survivors: Survies
    Hooked in basement: Got shelved
    X Duty: example- Lobby duty or Gen duty
    Squad: Refers to a coordinated force of similar things, like a Sabo squad or Squadette

    Doctor: Doc / Doktah
    Mike: Mikey / Mikkel (pronounced Mee-Kehl)
    Hag: Haggles / Haggins
    Legion: The kids (TM)
    Billy: Billy-boob / Billeh
    Pig: Piggins / Piggles
    Wraith: Wrait (pronounced Rate) / Bing bong boi
    Huntress: Bunny / Bun Bun / Momma Bun Bun

    Feng: Ming Ming / Minni
    Jake: Jek
    David: Davvy / Bear
    Ace: Ayy-ce
    Meg: Meggles
    Quentin: Sleepy boi
    Jeff: Jesus
    Bill: Unbreakabill

    --Perks and locations--
    Haddonfield: Strode Abode
    Streetwise:  Mashtix
    Diversion: Pebblz
    Petrified Oak: Wood / Bringin' me Sabo box
    Luck offerings: Upped the salt
    Firecracker/party starter: Cracker / Flashbang
    White ward: Please don't have Franklin's
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