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Playing Dead by daylight in real life.

ChickenChicken Member Posts: 113

So i have 2 cousings, and both of them love dead by daylight ever tho only 1 of them have the game, and whe got used to create games out of concepts, like Real life slime rancher or and stuff. So some time ago we decided to play Real life DbD.
The rules are simple, at the start of the match you play rock paper or scissors with every one, the last one to win chooses who will be the killer.
the killer has to walk around with a phone playing the "No place to hide" track or the "Blood trail" track so the survivor can tell where the killer is. When the killer found someone, he could play the "entity brain" track or even Marta's track from outlast 2 --->

At the same, the killer sets and alarm for 10 or 15 minutes (we decided that after that time the entity buffed the killer and he could knock the objective)

Usually the killer ran around with a glove in one hand and had to SLAP the survivors as hard as possible, if the survivor groaned or whined it was 1 hit (keep in mind that it HURTS a LOT, so it is not even worth it to not moan when hit).

After downing a survivor you take then by the hand (and bring them to the land that you understand) and bring them to a hook (Everywere can be a hook if you say so, there is no strugglin) The only dowside in being hooked is that you couldn't help your friends (we decided that dying was boring so no one dies).
If all survivors are hooked the killer wins.

While the killer searches, the survivors must find 7 cards (the gambling ones)that the killer himself hid and assemble
a piramid, if the killer sees the complete piramid with 7 cards, he looses, if the killer knockes the piramid or part of it, he also looses. So its a good and bad strategy to put the piramid on a choke point as the killer could accidentaly knock the piramid out, but it being a choke point no survivor would be able to work on the piramid properly.

There where 2 killers, the normal one and the cannibal. The cannibal cannot hit you, but he can grab you by the arm, leg or neck and brute force you to the ground. if you fall down, you where downed. Hitting the killer is really illegal and you go jail if you do so (in jail you will find the killer that has a big stick)

I'm SORRY for my bad english as i'm Brazilian i'm still learning it , but Real life Dbd is a LOT of fun and i had to share it with you guys.


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