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Pinkie Finger is a big problem!!

Clown's add-on "Redhead's Pinkie Finger", despite the recent nerf, is still unfair. Clowns use it to camp hooks. It's as bad as the old iridescent head add-on on Huntress. Even if the clown misses the direct hit, his gas interrupts the unhook anyway, and slows people down. Not to mention it's hard to see and dodge the next bottles.

In my opinion, this add-on should NOT stack with extra bottles add-ons, just like it is the case with Huntress'es Iridescent Head. If Huntress wants to insta-down with her hatchets, she should have pretty good skills to hit a survivor. Clown is the same! If he wants to insta-down a person, he should have some skills at least. If he misses, he should be forced to reload, just like Huntress. However Huntress needs to go find a locker, while the Clown can reload wherever he is. Meaning, he's already a more problematic camper than the old iri head Huntress.

Camping where you can't do anything is no fun. Please give us at least some room for counterplay.



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