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Okay, So

NoodleLegsNoodleLegs Member Posts: 323
Idk where this should go or do I care, but this is about a match I literally just had.

I play PS4 but I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I spend around... 15 minutes looking for a match as a survivor. When I get into one (finally), I'm Meg Thomas and the killer is the Spirit. She didn't camp all game and when she hit me, she walked away from me, allowing me to heal. When I finally end up on a hook, she's hitting me and camping, it was a miracle I got off. But then I got hooked again and she did it again?? even after the generators all finished and someone escaped?? I don't get it... and before you ask, i wasn't t-bagging however I did have sprint burst and I looped so idk maybe I camped her once (as end game, promise) or maybe i let her die on a hook idk, but she hated me so much it was almost funny.


  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 5,453
    Gens are done. Killer has to kill. You are on the hook. Where do you expect the killer to go?

    Btw, there are no miracles. 
  • NoodleLegsNoodleLegs Member Posts: 323
    gens weren't done. there were two or three left when i got hooked the first time. there was one when i got hooked the second time. camping does not bother me, however it does when im the only person camped and there's two other people and some gens done. it literally looked like she had a personal vendetta against me. i have no idea what the vendetta is, but clearly it's something. maybe she hates meg thomas's idk. im not religious but being unhooked from a camping killer, the other person getting downed (being hit on the way there, then hit again after i was unhooked), then me being scot-free is probably the best of a miracle im going to get. that and the killer walking into me running but not seeing me (it was crazy lemme tell ya). 

    just realized you had a second sentence, oops, yes killers have to kill, not camp. im not bringing out the marshmallows anytime soon.

    i probably sound whiny about camping and i am so sorry about that, my mother would be worse, but i promise im not. im just confused and my mom made me block the killer so i can't message them and ask why, and i was genuinely confused. im not the type of person to get butthurt over everything (im exactly the type of person to get butthurt over everything), but dbd kinda helped with that. i want to play both sides 50/50 but my mother won't let me, i understand why killere camp, i understand why people camp one person (mmm that adam francis, didn't do it though, wasn't even two feet away, unhook), but i did nothing. i didn't flash her, i didn't d-strike (as if i could hit the skill check), i didn't t-bag or do anything toxic, i would just sprint burst away at the first sight of her (well, not FIRST sight, when she's closer, obviously).

    im just confused. that's it.
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