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How would you describe Sadako in a few words?

AdaezAdaez Member Posts: 859

Just another m1 killer with extra steps

Compared to other killers,she's in the same place as Legion,her power doesn't help her in a chase at all and to down survivors.

Trapper: Can shut down loops with traps.

Wraith: Can easily catch up with survivors using his power.

Hillbilly: Amazing map mobility and insta down,a good Billy can shut down every loop with ease.

Nurse: She's Nurse

Huntress: Can easily hit survivors at a loop even if they predrop.

Myers: Can shut down windows and insta down survivors.

Hag: You cant escape a good Hag

Doctor: Can easily shut down loops with his shocks.

Bubba: Booba

Freddy: A bit better than Sadako and Legion because his snare traps help a lot in a loop and fake pallets can completely throw off survivors.

Pig: Her stealth and dash is a better antiloop than Sadako and Legion have.

Clown: Even if he has limited mobility he's one of the best antiloop killers in the game.

Spirit: Yeah.

Legion: ...

Plague: If you cleanse you give her one of the best ranged powers in the game,if you dont cleanse get puke all over your screen and 1 shot.

Ghostface: Has one of the best Stealth in the game,can catch you by surprise and insta down you.

Demogorgon: Shreds everything,easily shuts down loops.

Oni: Has a tough time until he gets his power.

Deathslinger: Cant loop a gun.

Pyramid Head: Predrop or get punished.

Blight: I am speed.

Twins: Cant escape a precise Victor.

Trickster: Some loops are entirely useless againts him.

Nemesis: Good luck looping him after he gets T2.

Cenobite: His chains can shut down a loop with ease.

Artist: The embodiment of antilooping.



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