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Stunning killer immediately. bug or cheat?

So the other day i was playing survivor with 2 friends. I was being carried to the hook (i was the first person who was downed that game). Then our random survivor team mate ran to me and sabod a hook, and took 2 hits and got downed. Then i escaped the killers grasp (roughly half a second after the random got downed) so the killer picked up the survivor and instantly got stunned and the survivor escaped (basically DS). My 3 man swf was super confused, not sure how. He didnt have any perks that couldve done this. It was like he had DS without needing a hook but he didnt have DS.

A few hours later another survivor got downed for the first time and upon pickup, stunned the killer and got free.

Today while i was killer i dowend a survivor, picked em up and immediately they stunned me and got out of my hand

Is this a bug? or a new cheat. It only seems to work once for the survivor so it is like original DS, it never seemed to have happened more than once. But out of all 3 instance i seen this, not one had DS. Idk what that is


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