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Speed bug or someone cheated in my match?

ThePabloGThePabloG Member Posts: 2
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So hello everyone I was playing some Trickster and I had that one match where I suddenly got too fast and I'm not really sure if that was a bug or one of survivors tried to get me banned or something.

I'm serious, I was moving like twice as fast as i should and that was because i was constantly teleporting like 0,5 meter forward each step, even while carrying a survivor or throwing my knives.

The reason why I decided to start this discussion was because I'm worried now. Is there a new way to cheat in the game, or was it my internet issue and game got simply bugged?

If someone was curious i had these perks and addons

Perks: Starstruck, Iron maiden, No way out and Pop goes the weasel

Addons: Melodious murder and Iridescent photocard

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