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Really not understanding the Sadako complaints.



  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,092

    Plague forces rather strong lose-lose situation to survivors, give her super strong ranged or stay injured all the time, and also punishes badly coordinated team.

    Onryo doesn't really have one, when survivors decide to stop her power, it's win-win for them.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,554
    edited March 20

    There's a certain realization you have to have at some point if you want anyone to take you seriously, and that is that the match is always the survivors' to lose. Nurse can kind of circumvent all that because she's Nurse, but for everyone else, you'd better listen close.

    You don't have time to go for 12 hooks, clearly. But you can't even go for 8 hooks a lot of the time, so you adapt like I have recently. Hook nobody else except for 2 survivors of your choosing. Alternate on hooking them, for the best chance at avoiding either's DS, and get them out of the game asap. This results in a 2v1, and hopefully all the gens aren't done but they might be. Find the 3rd, hook them, and take your 3k. 4k's are a luxury, because if you don't slug for the 4th, they most likely get a free hatch escape, or a gate escape even after you've closed it. In conclusion, if you don't play like this, and the survivors are actually efficient, you're walking away with about 1 kill average. You'll have some close 2k's, but also some 0k's if you deviate from this strategy.

    Why are the results for killer so dire if you don't play efficient, like I said, and the survivors are playing efficient?

    1) Survivors always win the war of atrition. They can do gens faster than you can undo them, regardless of your perks. This means even a 3-gen can fail, easily.

    2) The survivor objective can be finished way before yours is. The gens can all be done in about 3 and 1/2 minutes. They'll complete them slower depending on how fast you're downing, but they will complete them regardless.

    3) Very few killers have strong enough powers to down fast, and all of those powers have counterplay. You chase 1 survivor who knows how to vs your killer, and you could lose the whole game.

    4) Survivors can virtually guarantee and unhook unless you have instadowns. Whether it's one survivor coming for the save or multiple, they'll bait the grab, BT, Dead Hard, DS, Unbreakable, whatever it takes to get the hooked survivor and everyone else out, but they will be successful.

    The only exception to these rules is if the survivors aren't playing their best. This can vary wildly, from them collectively being just a bit inefficient, to not having a clue between them, but that's all classed as inefficiency nonetheless. I feel that people are walking into my "killer biased" arguments with none of this context, and it appears as if they know everything and I know nothing, when really it's closer to the opposite. I don't need people to like me or what I say; I just need them to back up what they're saying, especially if it's defamatory. I've been called "the killer Sluzzy" before, and I think that's very dangerous blanket statement/character assassination that can be used against any one of us.

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 457

    2-3ks is a loss, if u are not getting 4ks constantly, the killer is just garbo.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,900

    Tbf they did mention using clump of hair, which decreases the visibility range by 6m

  • PeaceNGreasePeaceNGrease Member Posts: 671

    Not true. Plauge gets 50/50's when her power is made available by survivors. The counter to plague now isn't much different from what it was before her buffs, just don't cleanse early game, and if you do have to eventually, do it in an area with a completed gen or where strong loops are still up. Good survivors make her power irrelevant, just as they always have. At least with Onryo, they have to interact to counterplay

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 3,362

    I mean we had a tournament where Survivors used the best of the best items and perks and same thing for killers and guess what? The kills on average were a bit over 2.

    You can write whole paragraphs all you want but killer isnt nearly as hard as you make it out to be and it quite literally is in most cases the killers fault when they end up losing. There are scenarios where the odds are simply stacked against you, such as playing a killer on a bad map specifically for that killer while having perks to counter that specific killer. But this doesnt happen NEARLY as often as people claim.

    And wanna know what else happens EVEN less? Facing Survivors who actually take advantage of that and play on that level.

    Sure killers can have a hard time, sure you can have a series of bad games. But it aint something exclusive to DbD and it especially isnt something exclusive to killers

  • OpenXOpenX Member Posts: 890

    Plague is super strong right now. Especially with call of brine making a 3 gen strat viable again. She can do "hit and run" with her puke better than any killer since they can't heal at all after being hit by the tinest splash. Tinkerer / Pop / Call of Brine / Thanta plague has been shredding survivor teams for me and it's definitely funny looking at 2-3 boons at the endgame screen that were completely negated.

    If they don't cleanse they will have a super rough time breaking the 3 gen because you just walk up and instadown them w/ tinkerer. Pop + Call of brine usually buys you enough time to clear out the pallets nearby and after that it's going to be very rough for them.

    Trying to compare her to Onryo is apples and oranges when it comes to power levels. She could never hold a 3 gen like that, the survivors will get out of the deadzone every time and go heal.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,304

    Hag on release was probably the worst killer BHVR ever made. She was quickly adjusted.

    Who knows - maybe everyone is just Sadako-ing wrong? But I've looked at it from every angle I can think of, and I share Otz's opinion that she's, at best, 'below average'.

    There are so many ways to improve her - but Condemn is just a silly mechanic. Being able to mori someone instantly is impossible to balance. As it stands, it's mostly negligible. Buff it and it could end up being Tombstone Piece...and that's not ideal either.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,678

    sorry but 2k is a tie and 3k is pretty much a win,4k icing on the cake and cherry on top.

    your not meant to get a 4k every match if they do pretty sure they get nerfed

    don't say blight and nurse can 4k every match because not everyone that good with them.

    on Sadako I like her a lot but spirit is better to me anyways but she could use some buff like to her TVs

  • AraphexAraphex Member Posts: 507

    I have as well, although SWF has always been no kills. I also got a lot of SWF which isn't really fun when you can't get any hooks and 2 or 3 survivors have COH, which most SWF I go against have.

    I think she could use a slight buff especially if the devs are going to give solo players more buffs to be like a SWF.

  • TryharderTryharder Member Posts: 170

    everyone, why do y’all say solo survivor suck? I always escape all my solo matches.

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 1,956

    Idk know about that I find her iri to be really strong maybe if it's 1-2 tvs it might be ok.

  • skylerboundskylerbound Member Posts: 490

    I find her fun to play with two factors.... map and if it's soloq or not. Even then depending on how high your MMR, she can be super weak in soloQ if the survivors split do gens, hold W and pre-drop pallets(and pay attention). Granted, this is assuming CoH is involved in every match, if not, then I honestly she's still on the weak end but managable.

    So... nerfing CoH would be ideal.

  • AJStyIezAJStyIez Member Posts: 151
    edited March 20

    Lol your whole point is irrelevant though because look at the example you had to use.. Its funny how there's dozens and dozens of tournaments showing the opposite of everything you said but you conveniently choose the ONE tournament they've done where they allow both sides to use whatever they want. I have a news flash for you but in pubs the majority of people don't have every single perk/addon/offering unlocked on every single character like they do in custom games so that's terrible logic. Your point is a strawman at best and doesn't really speak to anything other than that small sample size in that tournament

    Like wow, I never knew that a Spirit running Blossom and MDR on a small map would have the potential to 3-4k even good players! What a shocking discovery, its almost as if you're proving that players need to stack meta in order to be competent against good players and anything less results in a hard fought tie or a L more often than not

    If this wasn't true then please provide evidence and logic to explain why even when given access to everything in the game in a private tournament people still leaned towards the strongest characters in the game with the strongest addons/perks. If it was so balanced people would bring yellow addons with Trapper and non-slowdown or oppressive perks 💡

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,554

    You mean the tournament where moris were legal? Yeah, very few killers are going into matches with moris.

    1) Some people don't want to use them.

    2) It's an offering (which is equipped outside of the match).

    3) Killers run out of moris.

    And those survivors in that tournament? Most certainly weren't playing their best. I'm calling their skill level and/or motivation to win into question. You're telling me that they're freed of all the perk/item restrictions that tourneys normally use so that it's fair for the killer, and they still died that often? They were occasionally going against Artist, which was a new killer, so maybe that's a factor. They had good maps, perks, items, comms, against a killer whose only new advantage was a mori and maybe some better add-ons, and they just couldn't pull off their usual 3-4 man escapes? Just couldn't do it? No. They either played badly or threw the game.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 3,362

    Or, hear me out

    Killer isn't as impossible as you like to make it out to be

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,769

    i'm gonna be honest i didn't expect this to get as many responses as it did and i feel too intimidated to reply to any of them

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,281

    Finally, someone on the forums who knows how good demanifesting it!

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