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FNAF Teaser on Twitter?



  • VampireVampire Member Posts: 90

    Hi it me, an adult who likes fnaf xDD

    Plus kids play dbd, that will never change and the sooner you accept this the sooner you can move on to actual issues with the game

  • GiganteGigante Member Posts: 133

    FNAF have a great history.

    I don't understand why there are people who talk so badly about the game. FNAF has the most macabre story I've ever seen.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,845

    The majority of people that don't want it are people that didn't mind but are sick and tired of the constant spam ✨

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    Why did you have to bump the discussion.

    Don't hate Fnaf but everyone needs to stop bringing it up until we are at the point where Devs are teasing the new killer.

    To be fair, people have been using the game mechanics as a reference to his power such at teleporting, stalking, Jumpscare [Hag/Myers], tracking, and illusions. Well only if your refering to Springtrap.

    Besides William Afton/Springtrap being the main antagonist, he is human serial killer in the franchise. Why I bring this up is because the animatronics in the series don't wanna kill you but just stuff you in a suit....which kills you. William is not a real animatronic and he actually wants to kill you so he is gonna find ways to do that.

    Overall I want to see Springtrap and Slenderman in the game because the Devs will have to be super creative and research the game's functions/mechanics so they will fit perfectly in the realm which will not be an easy task but the effort will be worth it.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,981

    But look - They all have vowels in EVERY word. This can’t be overlooked.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
    edited March 21

    Ah yeah true, Freddy is more iconic.

    I am saying Springtrap's power could somehow revolve around Fnaf 3 Mechanics or Lore wise which not gonna explain since tedious as hell. Plus he is supernatual robot so maybe the Entity could do something "Agony" that's keeping him alive. Agony, in short are strong emotions but that are negative like hate/anger/pain which if something like an object is near or on a person when they die, their soul is trapped within the said object.

    Basically it's like if Charles instead of using voodoo was filled with these powerful emotions and died next to the doll which resulted him into being Chucky.

    Also they could use inspiration from games like TJOC since that fan game is free roam and some interesting mechanics but also because Scott is actually working with the creator of said Fan game in the Fazeverse or whatever its bloody called.

    Overall I think Fnaf could happen but they need to think outside of the box like Pyramid head with his trails. Would be tedious to do the research but could lead to a fruitful result if done correctly

    Lastly, I am very happy that you are just concerned about what would the power be rather than the other generic stuff people spit out all the time lol since can't have a killer if he does not have a power.

    [Edit] Ps just saying Twitter posts are unrelated and it's people wanting to believe if Fnaf even though it's obvious it's not.

  • mynameisBlademynameisBlade Member Posts: 325
    edited March 21

    There's that unfathomable pessimism I expect from a true DBD player. People like you will be the ones I laugh right in the face of WHEN it happens. I'm not saying it will happen soon, but WHEN it does....the busted out laughter shall begin. FNAF has more brownie points than you give it credit for and it certainly could easily fit into DBD whether people like you want it to or not.

  • Healthore77992Healthore77992 Member Posts: 556

    But is that he's real power? Did he ever showed how he can do it in the game? You can't just take license character and slap random power they never used. That'd be like if Myers could teleport, which is absurd because he never showed he can do it, if you get my point. Also about putting the people into the suit kills them, if that was his power how it could be implemented, because you can't just down someone, put them in a sut and they die, but if you don't do that, then it's inaccurate to the game and lore?

    The thing with Chucky is that he can use his powers, Charles used the power of Damballa to get inside the Good Guy Doll, and in the movies and new series, we saw what he can do, i won't spoil for those who haven't watched.

    The thing is i just don't see how..You can think outside if the box, but he does so little things that it's almost impossible, because he kills you, or jump scares you. You can give him something to do with cameras but what besides that? What's he going to do with it? Because in that game you are in one room closing the doors, in DBD we don't have that.. Would that be accurate and true to the character then?

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 13,230

    I'm sure the minority groups who are likely going to be upsst will be very appreciative of you laughing.

  • mynameisBlademynameisBlade Member Posts: 325

    I win either way due to not caring who it is. FNAF will happen eventually though. It is foolish to think otherwise..tbh.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    You make lot of good points. Also putting people in suits would just be a bad power.

    Main reason I brought up Pyramid head was that in the games he does not have the trails but here he does so think the Entity would do something to William to make him powerful which I would guess would be Stealth and Chaser type.

    Has a power to hide him unless survivors are activaly paying attention to their surroundings and once Springtrap reveals himself he goes in chase which ends quickly depending on if the Survivor was ready for him.

    This is main issue with Indie horror characters like Springtrap and Slenderman. They are only known to jumpscare you and nothing really else. The Devs most likely will have to give them both a power they never used in any game but said power will fit perfectly with their respective roles in the games since they make sure it will not mock their origins.

    Springtrap's power would fit him what ever they create since Scott or whoever owns him now will closely oversee the process to make sure the functions and mechanics will fit Springtrap's/William's lore

    Here is a concept how he could work ingame.....though not a fan of the phantom look since I prefer him not to change looks with powers and the lunge is a tad bit OP.

    Overall it can be possible but they would have to do different thinking for Springtrap which most likely would pay off.

    He is still supernatual so I would expect him to do something with it and maybe use Fazbear Fright books as inspiration. Books are not canon but Scott says parts in the books are meant to fill in some mysteries in lore and a lot of parts are not in any of the games that involve supernatural/murder.

    Ps if you like the concept, they are doing Slenderman next.

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,249

    I'm not saying fnaf is as iconic as freddy, I just think the logic was flawed, a lot of characters in dbd had new abilities never seen before like:

    Ph using trenches and sending people into cages.

    Nemesis main thing was his weapons and brute force, he always had the infection but it was minor compared the other two.

    Or had the "rules" about them kind of altered like:

    Sadako directly hurting you instead of giving a heart attack.

    Freddy attacking outside of the dream world.

    Pig killing her victims which previously were only killed by her traps.

    (These are just from the top of my head, so I can be wrong!)

    Springtrap is a robot haunted by a murderer, in the game he hunts you inside the attraction, you have to lure him away while being distracted by the ghosts of old bots.

    He could have a stealth ability and having the ghosts acting as a secondary one. I believe bhvr could do something creative with his power, from what I remenber Ph only attacked you with his knife in silent hill and they managed to create a good power for him.

    I'm sorry if I came off as condescending or sarcastic in my previous comment , it was not my intention.

  • mynameisBlademynameisBlade Member Posts: 325

    Nah.... I don't really feel like it... I'm kinda in the mood for tacos.

  • Malum_MidnightMalum_Midnight Member Posts: 366

    I did a search on twitter for the post, its weird. I mean it vaguely looks like something, but to think a hint would be in a floorboard is weird. Historically, the hints have been semi-obvious, hard to find but easy to see if you know where it is. Like the pin in the wheel

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,370


    Saw a video where they took this Twitter kitchen picture with the differences.

    There were Five differences.

    If now a teaser with something - Night - comes...

  • ShadowsValeShadowsVale Member Posts: 60

    Thank god I'm not the only one that notices that. I can't stand his channel for that very reason. Clickbait and rehashing the same topic a million times.

  • catkillsmousecatkillsmouse Member Posts: 186

    If it's another Video game I would rather see Shang Tsung. He could Morph into the other Killers and his Mori Your soul is mine or Goro rips your arms off.

    Get over here when he uses Deathslinger.

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