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DC on death hook. why?

SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 1,580
edited March 22 in General Discussions

Over the past two days I've had numerous survivors DC on death hook.

Sure, I know having survivors DC isn't anything new but I don't usually get this many doing it on death hook. What do they get out of it?

Does it screw me out of a sacrifice? Is that the purpose to it?


  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 1,580

    That's what's been happening in my games. I'm like why? You're giving up the points you have and getting a DC penalty too.

  • gendossgendoss Member Posts: 2,235

    People do it as a type of protest. It shows that you didn't believe you went down fairly or in a way you agreed to (like ping latency or something).

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 6,520

    The stupid thing is they’re just throwing away the bloodpoints from the match and taking a DC ban to somehow spite the killer (even though it really typically has no impact on them basically.)

  • TheSubstituteTheSubstitute Member Posts: 686

    The killer still gets BP and now has more time to hunt for the other survivors. The intent may be to spite the killer but it benefits the killer instead.

  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 2,329

    I've never understood it.

    "I'll show this guy I'll lose all my accumulated blood points and get a lock out timer, that'll teach em!"

    People rationalize it in many ways, you see it a lot on the forums, but its just sore loserism plain and simple.

    A sad reality of playing with strangers online, there are a lot of people out there who lack the emotional maturity to play well with others, it manifests itself in many ways.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,339

    Midgame? Sometimes it's rage quit/they don't want to see death animation. Sometimes it's to counter any hook perks the killer may have (which are alot now).

    If one of last two survivors? Sometimes so hatch immediately opens for other survivor/prevent killer hook perks like BBQ from revealing last survivor so they have a chance at escape. Sometimes they don't want to be slugged for 4 minutes while killer looks for the other player so they DC instead. Sometimes just rage quit.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 890

    Because some part of their fragile ego feels like they haven't really lost if they DC before they are killed/sacrificed.

    To me, if a surv DCs past the midpoint of the game, it's the ultimate submission.

  • MoxieMoxie Member Posts: 578

    Most survivors with a decent amount of hours don't care about Bloodpoints. So they just DC out of frustration.

  • prion11prion11 Member Posts: 190

    I did it by accident once because I didn't think it would count as leaving if I left during the "being taken into the sky" animation

  • MrPeanutbutterMrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 818

    I’ve had that happen to me a few times recently. I just LOL when I think about how the DC-ing player thinks they owned me and now they have to wait 5 minutes or longer to queue up for their next match 😂

  • StarrseedStarrseed Member Posts: 900

    That's exactly why I think killer should have some way to concede like survs can simply die on hook if they think the game can't be won anymore. If a killer is unlucky and his hexes get cleansed fast and 2 or more gens pop I can understand why they might feel like all that follows will just be a slog without a chance of win

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 7,774

    Rage. Why else?

    Also a very tiny percentage may genuinely get disconnected or have a game crash lol

  • km66km66 Member Posts: 111

    True. What is 20k bp’s compared to 1,00000000s already earned and spent. Nobody who has been playing this game for a long time cares about losing 20k bp. It’s more a spite DC if anything

  • YatolYatol Member Posts: 1,403

    petty ego

  • MilMansonMilManson Member Posts: 667
    edited March 22

    Why do killers DC when they get maps they don't like or they get outplayed?

    I'm playing a Jill resident evil build, flashbang, blast mine, head on and iron will and I head on the killer, flashbanged him and then ran past a gen and he kicked it and got blinded and DCed? Ego?

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 1,580

    I’m just questioning specifically when they’ve already been put on their death hook. Seems an odd time to DC.

  • AsherFrostAsherFrost Member Posts: 2,340

    This is pretty much it.

    Sure that would make sense except.

    As he said.

    That's the whole thing with this supposed "protest".

    1. Nobody except for the person DCing even knows they're "protesting" everyone else just sees a sore loser.

    2. It doesn't effect the killer negatively, just the other survivors. It would be like if someone protested a basketball game by throwing the ball through their own hoop.

    3. My reaction as killer any time a survivor disconnects is never "oh what did I do?". I don't even get frustrated. I just giggle and move on to the next survivor to see if they are going to be mature enough to handle a loss, or if childishness is catching.

  • RainehDazeRainehDaze Member Posts: 1,293

    Maybe they forgot how to count to 3?

    "I shall DC literally as I'm dying" is mystifying.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,182

    "Killa didn't get me if I DC'd."

  • FilthyLegionMainFilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 756

    If I've been getting my bum handed to me in annoying ways, I need a reason to take a break. Kinda glad the penalty's there. Also seeing the same animation is making the annoyance even worse.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,378

    Some survivors do it just out of spite and anger.

  • RumaRuma Member Posts: 1,985
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