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What are the reasons players are leaving the game?

Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 2,339

According to Steam Charts (only counts Steam but still it is one of the biggest platforms DbD have), since the Boon big mid chapter patch, less and less people are playing the game. During this time we had Artist chapter (very end of the November) and now Sadako. Both chapters didn't increase the playerbase at all.

So my question is: Why do you think people are not playing anymore? What do you think are the biggest issues right now with the game?



  • StarrseedStarrseed Member Posts: 900

    Many of these players that leave are killer mains that just can't get themselves to play anymore because being a killer got harder and harder. But because it got so hard many of the remaining killer startet to camp and tunnel because it's the most effective thing to do wich in return brings many survivor mains to leave

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 520
    edited March 23

    Boons, Dead Hard, and MMR made me quit. Well, there are things like map design and balance as a whole. I haven't played in about 8 months. Discovered a ton of new fun games that I enjoy, that never make me feel the frustrations and unfun that DBD constantly made me feel, despite the fun I often had. I still follow the game and watch people play it, but seeing so many of the people I used to watch play killer only play survivor, and constantly complain about killer, and even complain as a survivor, is just depressing.

    I'm sure plenty of people have different reasons. I used to always come back to DBD, but I haven't and I don't miss it a single bit. I think both sides have so many unfun things they have to deal with at this point/

  • Seth__Seth__ Member Posts: 1,377
    edited March 23

    Survivors make it harder by pre-dropping and holding W to waste killer's time, so they tunnel and camp to win and the killers make it harder after that for tunneling and camping, so survivors don't have fun.

    It's a head to head battle at this point, both are ruining each other's fun lol to get the win

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,288
    edited March 23

    Most of my friends that play have at least 3k hours and have recently quit altogether or play significantly less than they did before. The reasons are a bit varied, but most of them boil down to being forced to run meta to compete since SBMM dropped, coupled with an unfun meta.

    I think most of them would be fine with SBMM if DbD in an optimized setting were more fun. But the current killer meta especially is super unfun to play against from what I've gathered. And I honestly echo those sentiments to a degree.

    And from a killer perspective, I don't think anyone is thrilled about someone pre-dropping a god pallet and holding W all the way to the other end of the map to pre-drop another god pallet.

    The current meta is all about minimizing interaction with the other side. On killer, you stack regression/delay and proxy around a 4 gen. On survivor, you hold W to the ends of the earth and minimize all risk in chase because maps are tuned around super low level play, meaning you're never pressed for resources if your team is focused on objectives.

    Edit: to clarify, everyone I know understands you can still play this as a party game. But SBMM has largely eliminated that aspect. Almost everyone plays like a warlord, and there are games that simply do the "party game" aspect better. I think the queues need to be split to bring players back.

  • q6iha34x1r69psli7pgq6iha34x1r69psli7pg Member Posts: 228

    Game is really frustrating. The only killer I am playing now is Basement Bubba and the reason is that your 15 stacked second chances don't work against him.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    Since that represents 2.5% of the player base, I don't think I would be over concerned about steam stats.

  • AgentTalonAgentTalon Member Posts: 331

    Honestly, I just got bored. There are like a million perks in this game but you only see maybe 12? That's both Killer and Survivor.

    There are 26 killers but I only see 4-5 of the entire roster with maybe 1 game out of 50 any of the lower tier killers.

    I somehow get the same 3 maps on a seemingly endless rotation (RNG I know but still boring)

    In its current state, there are better games to play and this advanced game of Tag has gotten stale.

  • q6iha34x1r69psli7pgq6iha34x1r69psli7pg Member Posts: 228

    Just move the entire dbd comunity to this masterpiece

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    There are about 2 million players all together, including all the console players and outside of steam venues. The majority of the player base is outside of steam.

  • KateDunsonKateDunson Member Posts: 708
    edited March 23

    Veteran gamer here with 7000+hrs 50/50 killer/Survivor playing since March 2017, used to play a lot of hrs before sbmm came out, now I'm only playing survivor and max 1h a week cuz of the amount of nurses out there, killer side is dead for me, too frustrating.

    Sad to see the game in this state but at least i moved on to other games that i never had time to try cuz of my dbd addiction

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 2,609

    Wise choice.

    I played 6 games today because i was not playing for while, so i kinda miss game. Ofcourse i played survivor because killer is just pain. Anyway 2 Nurse, 1 basement Trapper, 2 Nemesis and 1 Demo.

    Except Demo, all of this killers hard camped and tunnelled. Even Nurses. And surprise, Demo was only one who lost game. All of games was unfun. I quited again. DbD is at really so sad state. For both sides.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,602

    It’s just lost it’s fun factor for a lot of people myself included. The game relied on constant newcomers but the grind is putting them off

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,658

    SBMM and boon totems.

    There was also very little hype for the Artist, most players don't like her, and she was quickly forgotten when the Ringu chapter was announced almost 3 months in advance.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 1,463

    They gutted Wraith so I lost interest in playing him

    Doc needs a serious QoL update

    The only Killers I play now are Vommy Mommy, Demo Puppy, Spirit, and now Artist.

    I used to be mainly a Pyramid Head and Hag player but since CoH hit and run tactics are gone and I'm sick of seeing DH eat my ranged slash and survivors tea bagging me across dropped pallets.

    So mostly I'm a Vommy Mommy main now and use the most broken Perks at my disposal just to get a edge.....I hate getting sweaty.

  • MrPeanutbutterMrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 832

    SBMM is trash and CoH makes camping and tunneling the only viable strategy to secure kills unless you’re playing against potatoes. That’s basically it

  • SmarulKusiaSmarulKusia Member Posts: 551

    SBMM, taking forever to work on Map/Killer/Perk reworks, performance issues, underwhelming chapters.

    People have been continually losing faith in BHVR, some issues being longstanding. The biggest offender on BHVR's list is their anti-friendliness towards players, by constantly up-ing the demand on what you need to run the game smoothly, despite this game being less demanding than something like Overwatch or GTA. Two years back, the biggest thread topic was about optimisation, with 1k+ responses if I'm not mistaken. But they don't listen, they continue to 'graphic' update the game, adding un-needed details whilst thinking nothing of the players that are already struggling to even run the game for 30 minutes without their platforms turning into a private jet.

    The reworks also take far too long, we've known about a GF and Legion rework since what? December? November? we had two chapters release in that time. Maps get disabled for these reworks for far too long. More than likely, players will be disappointed from these reworks too after they so heavily pushed for the metas that we have now.

    SBMM was also highly dreaded among the community. There's always been complaints about splitting the playerbase between a competitive cycle and a casual cycle. But BHVR fears what they've caused themselves anyway, which is the splitting of playerbases. The only real escape you have is a joke of a mode, KYF, which is so limiting, I don't understand why it's still on the menu tbh. This SBMM is probably the worst that I've ever seen in any game, never have I experienced a game where you can have 300+ hours and still be paired with new players that have less than 20. NEVER.

    Then the chapters. Lack of variety. In just the last year, prior to Sadako, we had 4 back to back anti-loop killers. With literally very little loop concentrated compensation for the survivors. The biggest chapter for survivors out of the 6 that involve all of these anti-loop killers didn't even come from any of those chapters, it came from the singular chapter that had Mikaela in it. Players are bored, playing anything than meta is far too risky, and players don't want to be participating in an active workout just to get results for ONE match.

    It all comes down to BHVR's lack of care? attentiveness? These issues have been vocalised time and time again. By even the biggest content creators. Look no further than Dowsey, who publicly went against them and criticised them - what happened? He's been punished for speaking his mind on the state of the game, and the Devs' response to the worries and concerns of their customers. Some may sit here and be critical of Dowsey, but it all started as a joke - jest towards the Devs' obliviousness of just how big hypocrites they are.

    You want your problems fixed? No, have a rift, 3 new cosmetics, another P2W DLC, and a free weekend! Because hackers are welcome to join in on the fun:)


  • pizzaduffyhp90pizzaduffyhp90 Member Posts: 652

    SBMM but, also new games releasing.

  • WheresTheGateWheresTheGate Member Posts: 569

    As a console player I can't speak to anything as it pertains to Steam or PC, but I can tell you the reason I left the game a few months ago. I can also tell you that after today it will likely be months before I even attempt to play again.

    I play on PS4 and loaded DBD for the first time in months today. There is a huge lag when hitting buttons for skill checks. I reassigned the button twice just to make sure and the lag is still there. It was. This is the biggest reason I quit playing the game in the first place. There was always some sort of issue. Controller lag, video lag, or some various other issue that makes the game unplayable. I loaded 3 games other than DBD just to see if there was any lag in those. There wasn't. Every button on every other game worked without any lag at all. I would say this was likely the last time I will ever attempt to play DBD. If BHVR doesn't care about making the game playable for those of us on console why bother?

  • mynameisBlademynameisBlade Member Posts: 325

    There are a few answers to that question. One get gud...................

    But seriously here is a list of junk in this game that will KEEP DRIVING more and more people away if not fixed:

    1. Tired of the huge amount of bugs EACH and EVERY patch. - This game needs its code to be fixed......plain and simple. Toss in way better optimization FOR EVERY PLATFORM, NOT JUST PC, and a whole hell of a lot of time for game health ONLY... nothing else. No skins, no characters, no maps. JUST FIX WHAT YOU HAVE. Stop adding more to the giant pile if only to make it a bigger pile.
    2. Constant camping from Killers because Survivors have it much easier overall. - IF KILLERS ARE GIVEN NO CONFIDENCE IN CHASE THEY WILL NEVER STOP CAMPING. SURVIVORS HAVE TOO MANY CHANCES....this should be obvious..
    3. SWF - I really shouldn't have to spell this one out. It's just unfair. When the game was first made this was not a thing. Now that it is I feel bad for every Killer that has to deal with a 4 man. Make it 2 man max. Let those 4 SWF do Custom Games.. They'll get over it.
    4. SBMM - SBMM......................................................................................................................................-_-
    5. Killers getting constantly nerfed. Can't DESTROY Boons, majority can get easily and UNREALISTICALLY 360'd because of the subpar FOV that Killers have had since this games inception. It isn't a "TECH", its a very bad representation of what would happen in a cartoon characters world of running from the bad guy...talk about silly and this game that takes itself way too seriously... I honestly think if they made the FOV better for Killer that would solve a lot of problems. It completely hinders accessibility on more than a few levels.
    6. Map sizes - They should really not have some maps as big as Brazil while others are the size of a mere city.... Makes everything harder to handle for which side??? YOU GUESSED IT... KILLER....Yayyyyyy......

    I play both sides about the same in this game. Maybe a bit more Survivor and I have to say playing Survivor actually feels really good when you are not camped or tunneled. But playing Killer....its just not fun. And I have no idea how they could make it fun besides changing that default FOV and putting mechanics in the game to ENCOURAGE Killer players to NOT CAMP/SLUG/TUNNEL.... They are the devs. Have to rely on them to use their brains to make this ######### work. Just putting my 50cents in and proclaiming what I witness all day when streaming this game.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,403

    SBMM - Encourages unfun gameplay of camping by killers and hiding for hatch by survivors. Emblem system before would punish these playstyles but now they're found all through out the different levels of mmr. Players with a few hours are being matched with/against players with thousands. Matches just feel broken. Ultimately this drives away veteran players unhappy with how bad the matches feel now and new players that are just getting thrown against players they can't compete with.

    The grind - it's a deterrent more than anything, especially for new players. New player picks up game and DLC for whatever license attracted them. Then they realize other perks are teachables from multiple other DLCs so they maybe buy those. But then they start to see that the grind makes it difficult to unlock those perks on character they want to main. BHVR gets their money but they drop the game because they realize the grind is ridiculous.

    Optimization/bugs - performance issues are just terrible. It ruins what could be a good match. It's like they take 1 step forward and 10 steps back with patches/hot fixes. Gets to a point you just get tired of dealing with them and don't see any signs of it ever getting better.

    Meta perks and killers - there's so many perks and killers but only the same handful are played match after match. Maybe will see random loadout/killer but it's unlikely. It's just repetitive and boring after awhile. Survivors running second chance because camping/tunneling killers, killers running gen slowdown and NOED because gen rushing survivors. Boring repetitive gameplay.

    Bad communication - BHVR has terrible communication. Players are frustrated with issues in the game and BHVR goes radio silent until it gets ridiculously bad. Sometimes when they do say something they have people that just are not the ones to be the face of the company speaking - these people aren't bad, they are just coming across condescending and not personable enough to make the angry customers feel better. So angry players are getting more angry looking for some sort of communication to address an issue, BHVR finally decides to address it but chooses someone that shouldn't do PR because they say things that just get players more angry and as a result some just leave. Honestly I think this one is the biggest - BHVR needs to work on their communication/customer relationship to build back trust they've lost over the years. If you have a good relationship with your customers they'll not get so angry/frustrated at the minor mess ups.

  • kombativokombativo Member Posts: 183
    edited March 23

    In my opinion the players are leaving is because of sbmm and boons DH you can just wait it out some times is frustating losing an injured player just by dashing away from your attack but like I said before you can just wait it out there is no one telling you to just attack an injured player which prob has dh and for the boons everyone knows why

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,936

    And once again only a part of the chart is shown.


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