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I respect all console players

GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,652

So just last night, my wireless mouse's battery was running low so I was like "######### it, I'll get the controller out." I played a few killer games with it and was crying on the inside. Console players, you guys all have my massive respect. How do you all deal with this pain on a regular basis?



  • ZoisauntZoisaunt Member Posts: 32

    Just a lot of play time and rebinding the controls. doing 360s is way harder though.

  • TotemSeeker91TotemSeeker91 Member Posts: 1,896

    Well for me, I can actually only play with one hand, but I play just as well (I think) as your average survivor, it's not that hard holding r1 and L1 half the game, lol

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,288

    It’s actually not all that bad, but I have no experience playing DBD on mouse and keyboard.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,555

    Eh I just live through the spins and lag and try very hard to not rage quit sometimes

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 3,066

    @Pulsar should chime in on this one, they played lots of killer on both the old Xbox1 and the new Series X.

  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 3,367


  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,324

    I think playing with mouse and keyboard is way harder 😭

  • SakurraSakurra Member Posts: 1,046
    edited March 25

    When I'm playing on console as killer is painful. If I fell down into a hole (it always happens) I'm laughing.

  • legacycoltlegacycolt Member Posts: 1,427

    Playing survivor with a Controller is actually very comfortable but killer is different. Aiming with huntress or deathslinger is problematic

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 3,133

    It's annoying getting spun sometimes. The one time I miss a frenzy hit I want to die inside

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,744

    Just dont play trickster on controller 😬 nasty.

  • Lost_BoyLost_Boy Member Posts: 168
    edited March 25

    I use a Xbox elite controller. Makes a huge difference from your standard controller. I've tried using the standard controller and it's actually horrendous. I don't think I would be playing this game if I only have the standard controller.

    Aiming can be a pain, but Deathslinger feels okay cause it's all almost like a FPS and his shots are fast. Huntress, trickster, Pinhead feels a bit more awkward and annoying to play.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,555

    I do although it usually takes me 30 knives for one down lol

  • Gamedozer7Gamedozer7 Member Posts: 2,224

    I've grown up playing on controller so it's basically second nature to me. Most games aren't really a problem sure it's not as accurate as M&K but it can still work just fine DBD doesn't have any slider and build most of there killers with only M&K in mind. They have also said they have no plans to make it so consoles can use M&K(like pretty much ever game other can).

    It's funny when people act like console must have a huge player base even know the game is way more optimized for PC and most of the killers don't control well on controller. You can only do like half the "techs" and half the time auto aim decides to hit that random rock to the lleft.

  • MsGoddessLaurenMsGoddessLauren Member Posts: 40

    Thank you :)

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 6,965

    I respect ALL players >:3

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 14,156

    It's pretty horrible.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,066

    Thanks -- I find myself getting spun a lot more than I'd like, but other than those frustrating moments, I've always been on console -- never owned a gaming PC, and the only games I have played on a PC/laptop were games like Civilization -- ironically, lol -- where precise movements weren't necessary.

    I've invested a lot into the game on console, and I'm an old fossil set in their ways, so I just have to adjust. I have a PS5, so the game runs better for me than what I imagine it does on a PS4. I play all killers, but learning Nurse has been an experience, and while I've shown improvement with Huntress, my Trickster play is a-w-f-u-l.

  • Pet_The_LizardsPet_The_Lizards Member Posts: 1,393

    Muscle memory. I'm sure it would take me awhile to adapt if I switched to PC.

  • TheycallmeLixTheycallmeLix Member Posts: 148

    PS5 player here

    Sometimes it kills me when I want heal someone under a pallet/try ‘CJ Tech’. Or when disarming a trap from Trapper and accidentally throwing the pallet. Even playing Killer and getting screwed over by auto-aim or getting 360’ed by PC survivors 😭

    but other then that, I like playing on console because I also grew up playing with controller just like Gamedozer said. :)

  • interesting_sandwichinteresting_sandwich Member Posts: 25

    I honestly prefer playing with a controller. I think k&m is really uncomfortable for me tbh.

  • DarKStaR350zDarKStaR350z Member Posts: 605

    Now imagine using a controller but on a last gen console with added freezing, frame drops, stutters and lag. It’s miserable and depressing.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    Playing with controller isn't all that bad or even all that different from M&K, unless you're playing a precision based Killer, then you're going to have a bad time

  • TheDarkTyrantTheDarkTyrant Member Posts: 2,075

    Console is seriously not as bad as everyone says it is. It's not like PC has an extreme advantage. I do just fine with controller. Maybe it's because that's what I've played with my whole life and I practiced over 2K hours in DBD with the controller but I don't know I feel people overreact.

  • VaJayblesVaJaybles Member Posts: 638

    Makes me think of JRM playing on controller and accidentally tbagging the killer instead of dead harding

  • GlutenFreeIceCubesGlutenFreeIceCubes Member Posts: 11

    Same. But imo what sucks is some actions share the same buttons. I'll accidentally tap a gen when I'm trying to vault and it'll get me killed lol. That and the lag. Omg the lag can get so annoying.

    PC looks fun simply because the aiming seems to be easier. Of course that's just my view.

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