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EndGame Chat Rage/Harrasment

Lately I have been facing people on the endgame chat being EXTREMELY disrespectfull.I played with/aginst same person two times.First time he made racist comments for my teammates ,second time...I started the conversation by just asking if he was new to the game since he only had one perk.I just wanted to say ''Nice hatchets'' and he started raging.Saying that i should ''get a life ..######### white boy''. ''Your life is worthless if you spend it playing games'' .At first I was just being troll joking around,never said something bad to him tho. Then I calmly said that he should becarefull who he is saying these things.People might take it seriously and you never know if someone has suicidal thoughts already,or if they are dealing with a serious mental illness.I gave an example of myself and he said ''I do not give a #########,your life is worthless,######### from a hanger''

Isn't this too much?Even me I am a calm person,but it made me feel uncomfortable.

I think mental illness is not to be taken lightly,these kind of comments should not be allowed.I know people who would take these seriously,or even me,as naive as it sounds it gave me thoughts because I am dealing with my own stuff.

I do understand the rage that exists in the game community,but personally I think this is a lot to take.

I obviously,blocked,reported the person on every platform possible.It is just a game,and we all should enjoy it,is not to be taken seriously as our life is depending in a DBD match.Obviously his life did,and somehow he managed to let it get to me.

Am I being paranoid over this?

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  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 459
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    Ppl have been toxic since launch, i get called "monkey", "go eat some bananas" and worst racist stuff on a daily basis, been told "KYS" countless times...

    I take it all as SALT, but i do understand how harmful it may be to some other ppl, however i noticed that this TOXIC SCUM only gets banned if u report them with a ticket, u will never see them get punished by normal in-game reports.

    So unless u wanna spend 10-20 minutes filling tickets after each match (cause most of them are full of TOXIC ppl), your only option is to accept the toxicity and move on because BHVR don't really bother until u actually bother yourself in the first place...

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,479
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    Just close the PC chat. There is no real need to read it.

    It is good that consoles don´t have it.


  • HexDevourAvocadoHexDevourAvocado Member Posts: 95

    I do agree with what u say and I consinder this post one of the most silly posts Ive made,because I am aware that there is nothing to do to fix this ''Issue''.But I guess I wanted to see other's opinions and sometimes I am truly surprised on how mad and upset people can get over a game and act as if My life is no worth living because they lost on ONE match. I have accept toxicity,but like I said sometimes they truly caught me off guard,escpecially when nothing ''toxic'' happened during the match or when I said nothing bad on the endgame chat.It is what it is,all i wanted to state is that,some things are extremely serious topics and we should not toy around with them.Thanks for taking ur time to comment :)

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,479

    This game gets emotions through the roof.

    For me that is one of the key points why it is such a success.

    But some take it way way too serious. With some distance most see how ridicolous they act too i think but not while playing.

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