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Boons have killed Jump Scare Myers

Started a scratched mirror Myers game on Lerys. Within 20 seconds a boon is up. I'm trying to stalk through the walls, not seeing anyone. Shadow Step boon is up, ok. Cool guess ill play at 105 speed with no power lmao. Hit someone, off to the boon they go. I snuff the boon, it's back up within a minute every time. One of the scarier roles in the game and last remaining feel of horror fun to play and play against becomes a joke.

Like can we just acknowledge how much fun has been sapped from the killer experience from these boon totems?? CoH 99% obviously but I forgot that Shadow Step makes aura reading impossible. I don't mind Shadow Step normally but in this case it was annoying as it totally countered my add on. Really wish they'd put a cool down on these things because they are LAME to go against.

How often do you guys go against a scratched mirror Myers anymore?



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