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Daily Rituals not working

ThePettyPurgeThePettyPurge Member Posts: 6
I keep having to redomy dailys because they are not registering as them being completed. So now im stuck on these dailys because they won’t let me complete them. please help


  • PuddingPudding Member Posts: 70

    yeh i had that too - i feel like 180s coop action is only coop-heals and only sometimes counting too its rly weird

  • Paddy4583Paddy4583 Member Posts: 864
    Glad it wasn’t just my coop one, been stuck at 31 for ages, will year coop healing when I next do it 
  • Austinmd02Austinmd02 Member Posts: 66
    I had one a month or 2 ago that was the 180 coop actions and it took so long to fill it up. But in the update today i think they said they fixed it 
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