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Has "Call of Brine" Become a better "Hex:Ruin" to anyone else?

Just the fact ruin can be taken out quickly

also you can combine Brine and pop and use them at the same time feels nice.

The only downside is having to kick a gen but alot of time i see it as worth it with mini ruin


  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 4,492

    And the fact that unlike Hex:Ruin. call of brine allows you to you other gen kicking perks with it. it feels fantastic.

  • ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 519

    I've been using it with PGTW and Brutal Strength, it is truly pretty fun. If you can manage to get a 3gen situation, you basically automatically win.

    That being said, good survivors know how to repair gens to prevent that, and also, you DO still have to go up and kick the damn gens, which is only convenient if they are near you - but if you are chasing across the map, it doesn't do you much good cause they will pop it before you get to them.

    I think my current favorite build for killer in general is Hook Pain, Hook Tides/Flood, Agitation, Dead mans switch.. that allows you to regress gens that are actually across the map no matter where you hook or down, and know exactly where the players are.. that has a counter as well, if survivors were smart they could literally just stop repairing the gen before you hook, but otherwise it works great.

    I'm using Brine, PGTW, Brutal Strength, Plaything as another build that I have fun with though - it requires more work, but it can be very effective.. both of them have solid counters though, as it should be.

  • AdaezAdaez Member Posts: 859

    No its not,with ruin you dont have to kick gens and it forces survivors to look for the hex,its more reliable but its not better lol.

  • SS007SS007 Member Posts: 168

    It's nice but you still need to decide if you want to kick a gen or chase someone while ruin will automatically regress while you chase survivors off gens so ruin is way better but cob is nice to combine with pgtw

  • RaSavage42RaSavage42 Member Posts: 3,819

    Call of Brine works on kicked Gens... which the Survivors see most of the time... Plus it only works for 60 seconds

    Ruin affects all gens that have progress on them... but can be cleansed within seconds of a match starting

    Both Perks need others to fill in and help with their weakness

    For Call Of Brine: Pop, Oppression (maybe), Brutal Strength, Eruption (maybe), Dragon's Grip, Overcharge (maybe)

    For Ruin: Thrill Of The Hunt, Undying, Hunted Grounds (maybe), Huntress Lullaby (maybe)

  • DBDVultureDBDVulture Member Posts: 954

    Pop+Brine is an amazing combination when you have a 3 gen setup. I can't wait for Brine to hit the shrine next April.

  • Senpai_JSenpai_J Member Posts: 62
    edited April 2

    Hex ruin let’s you play more aggressively and constantly chase to push people off gens.

    While brine is better at defending (3 gen) since you have to kick a gen and potentially lose chase you prioritise a gens progress rather than getting down after downs. You’re further incentivised to stay closer to the kicked gen to defend in time when the skill check notif goes off.

  • DangerScouseDangerScouse Member Posts: 944

    Lol for about 45 seconds until it is cleansed, in which time you may be able to chase one person off a gen while the others gen rush you to heck. 😂😂

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,408

    I have never seen Call of Brine outside of Adept-Sadakos. But I still see Ruin frequently.

    So from my perspective, it is still not as good as Ruin, at least when I look at the pickrates.

  • SludgeSludge Member Posts: 768
    edited April 2

    I don't know either way but you can't assume everyone owns the DLC

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 12,408

    Sure, but I would guess that a lot of people have it. And even Sadakos I go against, as long as they are not trying the Adept, they dont run Call of Brine.

    Merciless Storm on the other hand is seen quite often, but mainly from Sadako-players.

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,430

    Nah but purely because i hate kicking gens

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,680

    Is Call of Brine actually any good with Killers who don't excel in mobility (like Pig)? Seems like with all the kicking and stuff you'd have to do, it'd be more trouble than it's worth.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,756

    Power-wise Ruin is much better, regresses gens at the same pace, the effect is permanent, you dont need to kick and its global BUT its a Hex so it can be taken down in the first 20 seconds or last the entire match, the games where Ruin doesnt get cleansed in the first 5 minutes are almost always a 3K.

    Reliable-wise CoB is much better, it cant be taken down and it will always be there and give you value, from second 0 to minute 10, it always works and has synergy with PGTW (albeit is a bit overkill and you dont get REAL value of the combo unless the gen is at 60% or more).

    If you want some powerful games at the expense of playing gimped others Ruin is the better choice, if you prefer stability and a reliable regression which will work always albeit at less value CoB is your choice.

  • kaskaderkaskader Member Posts: 265

    The reason why ruin is so strong is the fact you doesn't need to kick gens. Regression is just a nice addition, However ruin is getting cleansed after 15 seconds so i would pick cob over ruin right now.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 6,931

    I look at Ruin as being more 'Offense' oriented and Call of Brine being more 'Defense' oriented.

    Both are pretty good, imo.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,762

    I haven't used Call Of Brine that much, but so far it's been working better for me than Ruin ever has.

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