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Hit me with some DbD Pickup lines



  • PharmacyPharmacy Member Posts: 29

    Can you come help me take care of my Slippery Meat? I'm too Open Handed.

  • Jack11803Jack11803 Member Posts: 3,930

    Can I be your leader? I wanna prove thyself while we bond tonight.

  • LominoLomino Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2018

    are you sprint burst? cause i want you ;)

  • foxofthestarsfoxofthestars Member Posts: 137

    These are not my own but was sent to me in Xbox messaging ;
    Girl are you a Leatherface main, cause i'm hooked and can't stop staring at you!
    Call me a camper cause ive got my eyes on you
    Wanna BBQ And chill?

  • BaysideBayside Member Posts: 40

    "Girl are you Freddy Kreuger? Because you look like you got rammed quite a few times."

    edited June 2018

    Are you The Doctor? Because you make me scream~ (yes I know it's bordering on killer but like, that's literally the game, okay?)

  • Krueger1428Krueger1428 Member Posts: 76
    Hey baby! Are you a totem?

    Cause I really enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt.
  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,293
    edited June 2018

    Is this a dream? Cause baby, you're my Nightmare.

    ... wait...

  • Krueger1428Krueger1428 Member Posts: 76
    When a date doesn't go well, I sprint burst home and use self-care on my slippery meat.
  • ItsDaEmuDoodItsDaEmuDood Member Posts: 192

    Are you the basement girl? Because once I go in, there's only one way out.

  • ItsDaEmuDoodItsDaEmuDood Member Posts: 192

    Are you the Obsession? Because I like to Play With My Food.

  • HeroLivesHeroLives Member Posts: 1,710
    Hey survivor is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • HeroLivesHeroLives Member Posts: 1,710
    Hey survivor are you the last one left Bc I want you in my hatch. 
  • RogueGoddessRogueGoddess Member Posts: 50

    Hmm, I see you're down, survivor. Down to [censored].

    TMW you down a survivor and secretly say to yourself:
    If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me? -insert doctor laugh here-

  • RuneStarrRuneStarr Member Posts: 850

    Your liver isn't the only thing I'll eat bby.

  • KGStyrKGStyr Member Posts: 6

    You can be as rough as you like, baby, because I have an Iron Will

    (As a Jake main I am enjoying that way too much XD)

  • NightRaider315NightRaider315 Member Posts: 27
    Are you meg, if so can I Borrow your Time? 👍
  • Mike2550Mike2550 Member Posts: 16

    Are you running decisive strike? Because im obsessed with you~

  • MrWeenie17MrWeenie17 Member Posts: 5
    Are you trolling me? Because I like you from behind
  • No_Mither_No_ProblemNo_Mither_No_Problem Member Posts: 1,476

    Are you Michael Myers? Because you have a Shape-ly booty.

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,333

    My heart will always boil over for you kate :love:

  • Baby are you the mist because YOU'RE ALWAYS MAKING IT HARD TO SEE

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