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Maybe bring back pop acitve time to 60 seconds?

Well since this perk incentives and rewards ''Healthy gameplay'' we might as well right?

Nerf to 45 seconds only hurts slow killers anyway.


  • kaskaderkaskader Member Posts: 252

    @sizzlingmario4 When you play fast killers yea, problem occurs when you play slow killer like huntress trickster etc. Change to 60 seconds would only help weaker killers and it wouldn't change anything for the better ones.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,949

    It would help the weaker killers, yes, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't also help the killers that are good at using it even more than it already does. The nerf was specifically designed to make it more urgent to use it, and that urgency aspect is what makes it balanced. It really doesn't need a buff, especially now that stacking it with PR for 40% gen regression per hook is a thing.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,502

    45 seconds should be plenty of time for any killer to traverse directly to a desired gen on the map. I also like it at 45 as it incentivizes going for another hook within 60 seconds; i.e. you can’t hold Pop the entire time you camp someone on hook.

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 458

    I think they should change it to a stack mechanic instead of a limited timer, each hook grants u a stack thats is consumed upon breaking a gen, u can hold up to 1/2/3 stacks depending on the perk level.

  • FauldsFaulds Member Posts: 895

    The nerf to pop timer wasn't needed at all... i agree.

  • kaskaderkaskader Member Posts: 252

    @DbD_Enjoyer Damn that's actually a very good idea! Sometimes you play ruin+pop and if you hook a survivor when ruin is still up you don't really get anything from it but with this you would. I like the stack idea more.

  • dinomazingdinomazing Member Posts: 87
    edited April 4

    People run pop with ruin to have a back up if/when ruin breaks. Being able to stack up on pop would be so broken.

    And if you hook a survivor while ruin is still up, you're gaining a lot from it because either someone has to leave their gen and let it regress while they get the save, or they say "gens before friends" and risk the person on hook hitting second or dying.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,666

    I still argue that it should be 60 seconds because DS is still 60 seconds. If Pop's measly 60 seconds is too OP, then what do people think about Make Your Choice? Is that perk also OP? Why not? It grants instadowns, which are OP, as opposed to simple gen regression.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,666

    Why should killers have to use their perks with urgency when even the strongest survivor perks never demand urgency? I think the nerf was a poorly thought-out and awful idea. Why force killers to run gen defence perks and then nerf the best ones? It's creating this killer meta that is "Let's use the next best thing because we have to." as opposed to something that gives them an actual advantage.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,502
    edited April 5

    MYC has a long cool down to accompany it though; Pop has no cool down. Also, not sure of anyone who considers instadowns OP.

    DS and Pop have two very different functions, not sure they can be compared.

    You make it sound like Pop fell out of meta or something, lol. It’s still a very strong and popular killer perk. 45 seconds is just fine. What meta survivor perks don’t demand urgency? Exhaustion for 40 seconds that’s unrecoverable while running, not gonna write an essay on all of DS’s restrictions, Unbreakable requires you to stay slugged long enough to work, BT lasts only 12 seconds. Am I missing any?

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,949
    edited April 5

    I don’t see how DS and pop are in any way related other than that they both have to do with hooks. DS was unfair at the time pop was nerfed to 45, but not anymore - it was just nerfed in a different way, and simply reducing its duration wouldn’t have solved the problems it had.

    I would argue MYC is op on nurse. On any other killer, no, it is fine.

    It’s not that killer perks in general need to have a sense of urgency, it’s that this perk in particular is strong enough to warrant such a limitation. The main drawback of Pop is that you need to go out of your way to kick a gen yourself within a limited amount of time, which might end up costing you chase pressure/allow a survivor to gain more distance than they would have otherwise, and imo that is what makes the perk fair. Gen regression perks don’t really need to be made any stronger than they already are.

    What SHOULD happen is basekit regression should be made a bit more worthwhile and the early game should be revisited, so that killers are not as dependent on slowdown perks in the first place.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,666

    I've made this argument before, that this meta we keep seeing that has gen regression and BBQ and all that is just a farce, and the real meta which is used at top level is completely lacking in those perks. Pop is mid-level meta. You will go matches where you get to use it 0-2 times before all the gens were done. Bad survivors are the ones that allow you to use it over and over and over again and regress the gens faster than they can progress them, which is a joke. So yes, if you're going against bad survivors, who the Pop nerfed was made for, it hasn't fallen off meta.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,666

    So a perk that requires a hook and you kicking a gen, which gives any survivor that was working on it a free lead, and doesn't do anything if the gen gets done in your face or there's one that's 5% progressed, needed its window of use reduced by 15 seconds? Those things don't make the perk fair, they make it weak. 25% of a gen gets undone in no time at all. So DS can still be used offensively, makes it to where a survivor gets out for free in endgame, and lasts 60 seconds, and that's all fine because of the assumption that we're getting a base regression buff in the future?

  • Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 490

    It should be 60 seconds i agree, sometimes you have to chase other survivors off the hook before you can pop the gen.

    It's better to have the extra time for you to pressure the unhooker and force the gen rushers to unhook so it stops gens from finishing while you get to the gen itself,

    if you don't force the healthy gen rushers to unhook the gen will be finish before you get there and that 45 seconds will do you no good.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,949

    I think you're underestimating the value of those 15 extra seconds. Pop is still a good perk and isn’t weak.

  • WhoudiniWhoudini Member Posts: 62

    Pop is still one of the best perks in the game, and DS goes away after you touch a gen etc, so it being 60 seconds is fine.

    Pop is fine bro, I used to use it a lot and did not feel the 15 seconds difference much at all. Even if they did boost it to 60 seconds, it wont really achieve much or fix the problems in the game.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,220

    It will absolutely make it more effective on fast killers. Killers like blight and nurse can easily get a down before kicking a gen and only kick a gen AFTER getting their down, which basically negates a big downside of this perk, which is that you need to waste time kicking the gen while the survivor gains distance.

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