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I really like how they went on showing the stacks of BFFS add-on!

AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,534

I still think it's not really that good of an add-on, but I really like the execution!

I don't know how balanced would it be, but what if the add-on granted you another 4% movement speed bonus per another 30 stacks? Would it be too overpowered?


  • CyberianFauxCyberianFaux Member Posts: 206

    Absolutely agreed. I love most parts of this patch myself other than the removal of a type of important add-on for them.

  • some_guy1some_guy1 Member Posts: 546

    this is one of the most interesting addons right now, makes me excited that there could be more addons like this, the effect for getting 30 tokens is really bad though, 4% movement speed buff after the generators get done is really small

    would be better if it provided some crazy buffs to frenzy instead(like a big movement speed buff or a big duration buff etc)

  • GuardianLemartesGuardianLemartes Member Posts: 6

    right now unfortunately i don't think the add-on is usable in it's current state unless the survivors you're going against clump up all game long and decide not to run away when they hear your heartbeat

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 749

    The only issue is that I think you need 6 full chases (hitting every survivor with your power in a run) in order to get 30 stacks. That's not very likely to happen.

  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 1,919

    I agree! While the effect of the add-on itself is underwhelming, the novelty of an add-on having stacks is pretty awesome.

  • NataniellegionNataniellegion Member Posts: 38

    I agree this addon is pretty bad, I think each token should have a random effect on the legion's power like higher speed, greater detection radius, less time to treat deep wound, extension of frenzy attack and make the survivor lose hearing for 30 secs.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,534

    Maybe it could get a small rework.


    Each Feral Frenzy chain hit grants one Token.

    • At 4 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks inflict Blindness for 30 seconds.
    • At 8 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks make Deep Wounds take 2 seconds longer to mend.
    • At 12 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks inflict Hindered (power of 3%) for 15 seconds.
    • At 16 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks inflict Exhausted for 7 seconds.

    Or something like that, I think it would be really cool!

  • MegarisMegaris Member Posts: 104

    30 Tokens, 4% buff, VeryRare....

    I would bet on the designer has never played the Legion.

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