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Issues with the Legion changes

FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,090

So, I would like to say that overall, I do like what has been done with Legion. However, there were a few missteps that I would like to point out.

  1. Legion still loses part of their power when they successfully land a basic attack. No other killer is punished for hitting an M1 and Legion shouldn't be either.
  2. Julie's Mix Tape. Just... why? Any add on involving only breakable walls just won't see play because not all maps have them.
  3. Frank's Mix Tape. This effect is not worth a purple. It's neat, but definitely not worth a purple. I personally want the effects of Julie's and Frank's tape put together on Julie's Mix Tape and Frank's get a different effect.
  4. Stab Wound Study. Why is this still the same? The only time this was even remotely viable was in combination with old Frank's so you could repeatedly stab at the Survivor's mend timer to get them down. Frank's doesn't even do that anymore so this add on is 100% useless.
  5. Stolen Sketch Book. No. Just no. You took one of Legion's best add ons and made it give part of something that should have been made base kit. Again... no.
  6. Also... when picking up a downed Survivor in Frenzy, why does it not behave like Oni's power? Oni keeps whatever part of his power bar he's got left when he picks up. Why does Leigon still lose all of their power?


  • FFirebranddFFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,090

    So, I am actually totally fine with them making it so Leigon only has 1 duration add on but is brown and nearly as strong as his best one. On board for that. I have more issues with what they made Sketch Book do instead.

    That's fair, my comparison between Legion and Oni's power was maybe a bit off base. However, I do still think Legion shouldn't have that particular punishment for using their power.

  • CyberianFauxCyberianFaux Member Posts: 206

    I pretty much agree with your takes with some exceptions. there shouldn't be power regression on M1 as this is bad, unique design that only exists on and actively hurts legion. The comparison between Oni and Legion was a little different from one another but I really do think similar to OP on keeping the bar for consistency sake. Also, since the power removal on M1 should be removed imo, stolen sketchbook would obviously have to get another effect instead.

  • AltarfAltarf Member Posts: 1,044

    Honestly, Stolen Sketchbook should just make it so M1ing a survivor recharges your power instead of depleting it. Not a huge effect, but a nice one.

  • NataniellegionNataniellegion Member Posts: 38

    what i would change on franks mix tape would be when you hit a survivor with feral you lose your terror ray swapping with the survivor's making it your radar to find survivors where you have no terror ray making an inattentive survivor be taken by surprise .

    How cool is that right!!

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