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Why another add-on that hurts the killer in exchange for score event boost?

dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,846

So this is a bit of a personal peeve, but why do the devs insist on making add-ons that hurt the killer in the match in exchange for increase their score event amount? The classic one is Trapper’s Padded Jaws which makes their traps not damage survivors but increases the trap scoring event to compensate. It’s such a bad design philosophy because the scoring events have zero impact on the match itself and at this point I’m pretty sure nobody actually cares much about the endgame scores either way. Not to mention these score events are capped at 8k per category, so even if you want “more bloodpoints” you probably aren’t getting a significant boost in bloodpoints by using these add-ons, you’re just making it harder to get kills in the first place which is where the bulk of your bloodpoints from a match will stem from.

Which brings me to the PTB Legion notes

Reworked Add-on - Never-sleep Pills

The Legion's base move speed during Feral Frenzy is 4.6/ms

Increases the duration of Feral Frenzy by 10 seconds

Gain 100 to 500 bonus Bloodpoints for each successive hit on a Survivor during Feral Frenzy

So here again, we have Legion is moving at normal killer speed during Frenzy at the start of it, not the greatly increased speed they normally enjoy. Each hit they manage to get does increase their speed a bit, on par with Bloodlust ticks, but this is obviously a huge handicap on Legion. And the compensation is the combination of a longer Frenzy (10 seconds) and bonus score.

Ugh! Why use the score events to compensate for this? 🤦‍♂️ Just do literally anything else that actually impacts the match in progress. It could even be as simple as increasing that 10 second boost to 15 or 20 seconds or whatever.

(and what’s kind of frustrating is Legion didn’t have one of these types of hurt the killer for score perks before, they went out of their way to add this in on the revamp for no discernible reason.)

Anyway, /rant off, I know most people probably don’t care either way but every time I see one of these perks I wonder why the devs keep insisting of putting them in the game. Does anybody actually use these add-ons outside of flexing to say you can win a match while using them?



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