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After the great reception of Blight chapter, I think we should get more Folktale killers

Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

Blight is one of my all time favorites due to being based on The Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde book which ironically always wanted as a chapter killer so I was pretty hyped when I saw the teaser for him.

Since BHVR did an awesome job on a classic story to life in a video game I am gonna suggest 2 other characters

2 Folktale killers I would highly recommend would be these.

The Wendigo

The Headless Horseman

Both are super iconic with horror and BHVR would make a great job making them as original chapters while giving them a classic Dead by Daylight twist.

The Wendigo could be a killer that uses bone totems or ice attacks like an ice wall or the ability to cause a freezing status effect on survivors. Maybe also have a lunge attack like Demogorgon to spice things up while

The Headless Horseman would be a ranged killer that is able to hurl balls of flame at survivors while having a 2nd ability to call Daredevil for a short time frame to ride a short distance that could also go through obstacles. Also maybe call this ability "Will-o'-the-wisp" just for fun since Halloween.

What are some Folktale killers you would love to see as a Chapter?

Kinda ironic is only real license IP I want is Slenderman since I love horror stories so having other Folktale OG killers would be amazing.


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