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April 7th



  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,849

    Are you the Demo streamer I've seen? Your name is very familiar.

  • cannonballBcannonballB Member Posts: 366

    Just to throw my two cents in - I played 3 games total, all with legion. The first game I think I got 2 kills, which is fair. The second and third were dumpster fires. In both games, I couldn't catch up to any of them. They would either outrun me outright or be fast enough to get to a jungle gym. And I think someone was teleport hacking. It was riduclous.

    On the flip side, flashlights could not blind me no matter what they did - and I didn't have lightborn LOL

  • VirtuaTyKingVirtuaTyKing Member Posts: 226
    edited April 7

    I either seem to get potatoes or varying levels of SWF as killer today.

    The usual really with a few extra potatoes more than normal.

    Don't know what to make of it tbh.

    Playing as Clown so not the strongest killer.

    If we don't know what the tests involve how can we judge if it's working?

    I don't think this game can cater to beginners. You simply have to learn the hard way.

    Just add more training as killers and against.

    People need to care less about winning and try to have fun.

    I like the fact you removed the pointless badges though.

    I don't care how good people think they are. Or how I'm rated. I know if I did good or bad considering all factors. There Isn't a leaderboard anyway.

    I wish the game could be more balanced but that needs to be addressed at its core more than anything else IMO.

    Considering so many random factors it's perhaps impossible anyway.

  • B_DeityB_Deity Member Posts: 31

    Today was by far the weirdest and seemingly inconsistent.

    While killers I faced as survivors were a little lower or roughly the same, yet the teamates were heavily different depending on the game. Que times were really good as a solo que.

    I had assumed that today prioritized que times, but my killer experience was a different story. The matches took a little longer to que initially, and as both Doctor and Pyramid Head I faced very tough survivors (barley losing the Pyramid Head game). The same deal woth Sadako later on, but a Demogorgion game in between was against much worse survivors.

    Today was odd, but in terms of the rest of the tests, this was okay, but I prefer shorter ques.

  • hazi59hazi59 Member Posts: 5
    edited April 7

    So far, I am getting placed with survivors well below my skill level. As killer, I have either completely destroyed everybody, or all 4 escaped. Feast or famine only in 9 matches thus far. Not so enjoyable IMO. I don't care about how fast queue times are when the matches end just as quickly because of bad matchmaking. Just get rid of SBMM already and stop ignoring your player base.

  • CosmerenautHunterCosmerenautHunter Member Posts: 3

    Pretty much exactly my experience too. Four killer matches. Three of them were 4k's, the last was against a four man SWF bully squad who I squeaked one kill out of by playing in a way I'm not proud of, and got to enjoy constant noise notifications during EGC for. Jokes on them though I just muted the game and hung out in the basement lol. I just looked up and saw the notifications for nearly 30 seconds straight and shook my head.

  • autocorrectautocorrect Member Posts: 18

    I’m digging not seeing the other players ranks. I’ve been playing since 10:00am it’s been pretty it’s almost 8pm now. I’ve been going back and forth with survivors and killers. In the morning the wait on killers was running a couple minutes over what I’m used to so I played survivor till the afternoon it eventually got better the killer wait and than the survivors started running long so I’m guessing the time of day.

  • JaviiMiiJaviiMii Member Posts: 280

    Second round of feedback. This time around killer. Matchmaking is still weird. - But seems to get more accurate the more info you feed it, it seems.

    So, still EU, still ~460hrs - a little less than half of which is for killer. q-times were very fast when I played from 00:00-01:30 Berlin time. Six matches. Two with Wraith, two with Artist, two with Nemo.

    Wraith: play him very occasionally for rituals, nothing else. I can't really warm up to him/his mechanic and consequently I'm not very good. Anyhow. Both games were pretty much alright; both me and the survs had on average tier 2 perks and some survs didn't seem to have all perkslots unlocked yet. I forgot to put down hooks or kills or anything. I just wrote "alright, kinda fun" - and that's really all I have to say about it.

    Artist: literally first game with one lv1 perk. 1st match: Newbs. It turned into find-the-immersed-urban-evasioner for the last what felt like half an hour but was probably five minutes. 3K+Hatch. Was nice to try and figure out how the darn birds work but other than that... well. Second game was a different world. 3, maybe 4, man swf, fully stacked and very intent on winning. Which they did with a 4E. Which is alright and I still focused on the whole birds situation - but I should not have been in that lobby. Felt like matchmaking was overcorrecting by a lot.

    Nemo: My go to chill and kill, as per usual. First game was solo-q-ers I think at very different levels but overall at a level that was fun to play against. One seemed new, one I can't tell, one was average and one was pretty good (who I refused to chase even though he really wanted it). Which was the right choice; things snowballed eventually, I was on my way to a 4k... and then a successful zombie-hit happened and I ended up memeing with them a little and letting them go. I just can't help it. Second match was a 4man swf who were also very intent on winning and seemed very coordinated. - Skill-level wise I would say we were somewhat on par. I had fun. Had I played more sweaty I might have gotten a "better" result - but it was fun as it was, even if it was "only" 1k. Also: even with the 0K "loss" I wasn't "downgraded" it seems. With normal MMR I often end up with newbs after one or two matches where I let them all go.

    I definitely enjoyed my killer experience more than my survivor experience.

  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 5,540

    Played in a 4 man for about 10 or so games today. Here's my results:

    • Killers were mixed. They definitely weren't at our MMR level but weren't new to the game either.
    • Que times I didn't pay enough attention to. Didn't seem longer than normal MMR.
    • Most killers seemed to have a pretty decent build. Had 3 Blights, Nurse, Spirit, PH, Artist, Bubba, Oni and 1 other I can't remember.

    Today just felt like old matchmaking before MMR.

  • ZazzazzaZazzazza Member Posts: 13

    Today felt fair, in a sad way.

    i played killer, all matches with killers i merely leveled to lvl 35 yet. so i'm not that good with their powers etc. also i 'only' have 400 hours of game time, of which at least 300 are killer.

    so i got matched, it seemed, with swfs and maybe a random randy thrown in here and there. mostly purple perks, but some yellow and green thrown in. mostly meta-perks, obviously.

    the games felt like had i made better decisions, i would've gotten a better result. thanks captain obvious.

    but even though i got maybe 2k, if i was lucky, usually just 1 or no kill. so if i were better at landing nemis tentacle or hiding as ghostface or vomitting with plague, i could've easily secured more downs. also i lack the gamesense to really predict anything.

    however, the games didn't feel like being stomped, but more like "accidentally allowing them to get away" - even though teamwork still throws a wrench in my plans everytime, so swfs definitely have some kind of advantage there.

    but skillwise, it was fair, i guess. only 1 or 2 were a lot better and looped me for hours, refusing to fall for my mindgames - and only 2 or 3 were so overwhelmed by me that they practically jumped on the hook by themselves.

    so yeah, today was - some fun, some frustration - overall good, i guess.

    and i like that the ranks aren't visible anymore, but the symbols that are shown instead are kind of useless, because i pretty much know that there were 4 survivors and 1 killer. - i would also prefer just a portrait to know who was who, or maybe some kind of indicator how that person did in the trial, except the bloodpoints already kind of indicate this, in a way.

    so yes. oh and europe, evening, killer-queue - obviously nearly instant, 10 seconds maximum.

    summary: today felt kind of fair, to me

  • OldskoolOldskool Member Posts: 8

    Played survivor today, got mixed results. Most teammates felt okay and around my skill level. But the killers were all over the place. Some seemed very new, barely able to get any hooks and kills in. Others felt more experienced and a fairer match. I'd say it was 50/50 for me today.

  • FrikinikFrikinik Member Posts: 1

    My Killer queue times have been a lot slower than my survivor ones today. The games overall have been pretty fun, though I am noticing there's typically one person who has played for many hours on the survivor side coupled with those who don't look back when being chased. It almost feels like the total playtime on the survivor side is supposed to balance out somehow.

    A lot of people just farming BP or straight up DCing when I play survivor thought. I'm possibly the worst survivor out there, so I might just be with my kin.

  • mudokonqmudokonq Member Posts: 15
    edited April 8

    PC, crossplay on, 1,000 hours(ish), I play ~ 65% survivor 35% killer

    I have had a completely dreadful experience today as survivor (11AM EST-4PM EST.)

    Typically, pre-MMR tests, I have what I would consider B+ to A- lobbies matched during this time period. So, like, whatever you all are doing outside of these tests. I get close to equivalent skilled survivors with me (e.g. know when to unhook, don't fail skill checks, aren't unhooking in front of survivors, etc.) and I also get a good enough match versus killers.

    Sure, because my teams are better, I tend to escape about 50% of the time - BUT (and this is key...) I DO NOT get 100% tunneling camping toxic killers. Yes, occasionally, there's a tunnel and obviously killers should camp and protect their end game hook, but games at least feel generally fair.

    This is SUPER important - everything I'm saying ONLY APPLIES during morning/afternoons EST.

    Anyway, back to today.........AWFUL. If this was the regular matchmaking for this game, I would absolutely never play anything other than the very occasional custom match with friends (to be clear, I play solo q or killer 99.9% of the time.)

    Out of about 20 matches today, I had "fun" a grand total of 2 times (and I'm being generous here, as a Trapper let me unlock the gate with 3k and ZERO GENS DONE.) The other match was actually good.

    I was being matched with completely sweaty, tunneling killers the whole day. I run DS usually like 1% of the time. I actually don't do DH/DS, I just don't like them (yea, I'm weird, I prefer other perks.) HOWEVER, after about 7 matches of getting camped, tunneled, and matched with survivors unhooking right in front of killers/trying to unhook themselves, etc. I finally gave in and had to start running: Left Behind (bcuz, let's be honest, I knew there would never be a chance of an exit gate out), Dead Hard (I HATE THIS PERK,) and Decisive Strike.

    I should say, my lobbies/games loaded just as fast as normal for me daytime EDT today - so whatever the test was, I had no different experience in time, but I had FAR FAR lower quality lobbies and absolutely awful killers.

    It's CRITICAL that BHVR change the way "ranks" are CALCULATED - not what you're using to match us. If the only thing increasing a killer's rank is kills, killers are going to continue tunnelling, camping, slashing us on hook instead of playing the actual game, etc.

    And, so long as this is the case, then survivors are still gonna run boring old BT (ok well I run BT...should be basekit..), DS, and DH.

    Long live the Bond, Resilience, Lithe, Prove Thyselves, among us <3

    (also....is there no official form/forum to give this feedback? Is this the only place? If it was in the news section of the game, well, I'll have to log back in lol. And, yes, I did the survey. :) )

  • spongezebraspongezebra Member Posts: 4

    EU, ps4, crossplay on, late night, devotion level 2. (No idea my hours, PS4 doesn't tell you)

    I only played a couple killer games today. I'd say they were kind of sweaty, but weird. For my first match, half the team were dead hard running god loopers, the other half didn't look behind them. All 4 were running flashlights and trying (and failing, every single time, even when I foolishly left myself open) to flashlight save each other, so, maybe a SWF of mixed experience. The other game, three of the survivors seemed similarly skilled, around my level, one of them was a complete baby. She didn't manage one pallet drop or window vault away from me, even though I was playing badly. Very strange overall, but things get weird late night anyway.

  • ElleGreenElleGreen Member Posts: 943

    I lied the first two were fun but then it went downhill

  • FaucetHoseFaucetHose Member Posts: 3

    I did not have fun with todays matches. If anything I was left with despair. I don’t like it when this happens but. I keep playing anyways for some reason. If you can some how make change the matchmaking so then player are encouraged to have fun una match, then that’d be great. But let’s be honest, how is that even possible.

  • EmberPhantomEmberPhantom Member Posts: 7
    edited April 8

    Today's matchmaking is honestly all over the place. That's the only way for me to accurately describe it.

    Played on PS4 w/ crossplay. Killer games as Ghostie and Amanda. 8p EST to past midnight EST (I still might play a few more matches but I think I've seen all I needed to see re: the new MM).

    Queue times are typical for killers - basically instant. If I lobby hopped, I was able to queue up again in literally 15 seconds.

    But the lobbies have been...odd? I keep getting placed in empty to half-full lobbies??? Like legit there was one I loaded in and no one was there??? It took long to fill with Survs and if there was a surv that entered, they would see it's not a full lobby and dip. So basically that added at least 1-2 minutes of queue time -- or Lobby time I guess you could say? I dunno but it was frustrating waiting for one or two more people to show up so the match could start on top of the typical lobby wait times. Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this same thing?

    As far as my matches go, they have been -- meh. I've had a few 2k, a few 1Ks bc of AFKs. A single 4K and then a few 0K all escapes. The matches feel a lot less trolly than say the very first test day where it felt like I was going against 3000+ hr TTV SWFs. But they're honestly not great. I don't feel totally outplayed but I'm also not doing well? Maybe that's just me? I wouldn't honestly mind playing like this if the Ranking system counted more things than just kills as a good game for a killer.

    The matches have been fun if I ignore the fact that I lose grade progress for not getting ALL IRI emblems bc I didn't 4K. If you're going to hide the Season Ranks from everyone, then either just get rid of them or rework the PIP/Grade system to make it so you feel like you got wrecked in a decent 2K fair game. I don't want to camp for ONE kill. I'd rather have a decent match with 0K and a few hooks, good chases, and feel like I had fun/am learning the killers i want to play, and the game, better.

    Overall impressions is -- I guess I could learn to live with this MM but then I think you need to give the Grade System a Rework.

    (( Also this has nothing to do with matchmaking but can we pls get rid of "ENTITY DISPLEASED"?? Like girl I am fighting for my life out here don't be mean to me I am TRYING. ))

    *Editing to say I also like the grades being hidden at the end of the matches. I think no matter what the MM changes end up being, that change def needs to stay. Especially since it has no bearing on what goes into matchmaking and really is just about how much people play that season.

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  • LoneWolfGripLoneWolfGrip Member Posts: 10

    PS4 - NA / id: LoneWolfGrip#2edd / LoneWolfGrip | review as a killer of 100 hours or less because I only meet my challenges: they all escape and with luck I can kill one (I wish I had a refund of money from this game) review as a survivor of 1500 hours or more: someone tell me how feel open the exit door? (I wish I had a refund of money from this game)

  • travistyondemandtravistyondemand Member Posts: 7

    Okay so the games felt pretty good today. Whether or not today's test was successful, please implement hiding the ranks as a permanent feature. We don't need to know the ranks of everyone else as I only care about my ranks. I think knowing everyone's ranks just aren't producing a positive effect.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759
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    Awful as killer

    Wait time around 3 minutes just to get a SWF that followed with a stressful game that would end in a 1k or a 3k depending on how desperate they are to get everyone out the gate.

    Allot of high ping survivors messing with your awful pitiful servers, making the entire game feel off and act weird. Especially if they are console. You need to work on console to pc conversion because there is something off with it that even OTZ mentioned it in one of his videos

    Survivor match making was instant. Probably because i am low mmr with survivor. Survivor skill was as expected and the killer was either on par or better than us... or they just flat out camped to EZ win against solo players not using kindred.

    mostly 1 or 2 escape games with a wide variety of killers.


    Played killer later in the day and it is the opposite now. Instant lobbies and the survivors are not so great. Getting a mix of solo and swf of varying skills but mostly not so great. I 3 or 4k often with some random 0-1k from getting a random sweat squad now and then.

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  • Dsg4041Dsg4041 Member Posts: 60
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    PS4 Crossplay On - North America

    MMR felt like it was tuned quite a bit down for me today, from both sides as Killer and Survivor. I almost want to say it felt like MMR was Off, or on a very basic low tuning.

    I got two straight 4K's in a row as my Ghostface main, then started letting the last one out Hatch in the next two matches after getting my 3K. Was funner and less stressful than with MMR tuned up to the Max, and I even used a meme Perk for the first time in ages. Never thought I could do that with the matches I get as my Main Killer who is not a particularly top tier one. I'm worried if I simply got good maps, or good luck with lighter lobbies?

    On Survivor, I usually lose as I am average and solo Q. I'm fine with that. Was mostly the same experience as usual. A couple times it felt like I had bad teammates, but the Killer was usually a good challenge instead of an impossible challenge too. As a side note, it almost feels like Low MMR lobbies should simply be locked to Survivors and Killers under 100 or 200 hours.

    I feel like the best MMR system is one that is On, but tuned quite a bit down for about 7 random days out of 10. And then 3 random days out of 10 the MMR is tuned up a lot so that the Killers and Survivors at the High/Top can have their competitive days too.


    Played on PC from about 9:45PM est to 1:00AM est (NA), all killer. Tonight's games were the most chill games I've had since before MMR was a thing. It was very strange playing against survivors who actually wanted to engage or were trying to fake me out by hiding etc as opposed to M1 gen jockeys who are trying to end the game in 4 minutes or less. I'll be honest and say it was probably more fun because I didn't feel like I was on the back foot 1 minute into the game. I know for a fact that some of them were swf games too. My guess is that the MMR system was turned off completely today and as such, the survivor pool was a mix of every skill level (which is great for killers because having weak links is what made the game feel more winnable/less stressful in the pre-MMR days).

  • Dsg4041Dsg4041 Member Posts: 60

    PS4 Crossplay On - North America

    The MMR felt tuned down quite a bit as my Main Killer. Four straight 4K's, but also not easy matches as the 4K suggests. I would enjoy playing more of Killer if this particular MMR day turned into most days, but then was also mixed in with a few random days of MMR tuned high so that I can practice that competitive setting of High/Top semi-regularly (instead of regularly). Was fun to use a meme Perk today for the first time in a long while.

    For Survivor, it was about the same as always, an average Solo Q like me will usually die. That's fine. I think I escaped a tad more today actually, so there you go.

  • CarrowCarrow Member Posts: 500

    Against my better judgement, I decided to give SoloQ a try. Just as horrendously garbage as on previous test days. Had to play 24 games to escape a trial (the Spirit DC-ed after 3 gens popped and she still hasn't even removed a single health state). The Killers are significantly better than the survivors with sometimes one top tier looper who just gets ignored by the Killer until they are the last one alive. The regular SBMM is bad enough but I have just enough good games to keep playing. If this becomes the norm I'm actually quitting survivor.

  • birbofpreybirbofprey Member Posts: 2

    By far the worst experience I have had in this game in a long time. Played no survivor but I played several games as killer. All night long - no exaggeration - I received the sweatiest squads that were far above my caliber. Now I am not an expert killer by any means, but these games were not even remotely fun. I don't know what you did, but please never do it again. I actually considered uninstalling after all the abuse in end game chat and the sheer lack of actual fun I had in the games. DBD is a video game. It is meant to be fun. That is what games are for. This though? This was not fun on a grand scale. For information purposes, I play on PC and have 1700 hours in the game.

  • struppifstruppif Member Posts: 1

    This was the best dbd experience in a long time. It was a nice mix of sweaty and chill games, I enjoyed it so much. If I could make one wish in dbd then it would be to leave the matchmaking as it was on this day.

  • JarethJareth Member Posts: 73

    My experience has been completely terrible tonight as a solo survivor. Teammates are...alright, not doing amazing plays but also not completely clueless. Killers on the other hand are either totally stomping everyone before a gen can even get done or not so great but camp and tunnel. Tried killer, and yeah miserable there too. Totally outclassed so no fun there either. Queue times seemed pretty normal for this time of day.

  • TheTom20TheTom20 Member Posts: 17


    Had pretty bad team mates for this test i think some games i was the only person doing gens 1 game i did 3 solo and the others did nothing probably the worst day out of tests for gens. They were helpful with unhooks to each other though but not the best loopers some of them were going down extremely quickly. Killers were decent but none particularity strong. One of the matches it fels like me an the no meither dude were doing everything and the other 2 team mates just threw the game trying to kill themselves on hook. This is probably most frustrating thing as survivor is having team mates just give up and not even trying.


    Mix between few fair and a few very difficult ones. And one game which was extremely weird never 2 of them hid almost the entire game but were some how doing gens without a trace they did eventually die but the stealth of these players was crazy

    first half of killer matches were very short gens extremely fast gens an hardy any chase. They were all garbage at looping going down almost instantly but stil 4 or 5 gens would be done such a shame the matches were so short despite the lack of looping skill. 2nd half of the killer games i got more altruistic survivors which i do prefer as there is more survivor killer interaction which is what it's all about even though they were a few toxic teams. The 2nd half of the killer games i got a lot mor eboil over, object of obsession, break out and sabo builds. Few of these matches 2 people were left and there were just no hooks at all on that side of the map to get them to so i have to let them bleed out or let tem wiggle out so i could try and down them somewhere near a hook.

    One thing that stays consistent in my killer games is 2-4 dead hard perks every game.

    Overall probably least fun day of the tests.

  • JaviiMiiJaviiMii Member Posts: 280
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    And, for good measure feedback round #3. Survivor, EU; 11:45-12:30 Berlin time, PC, Steam, Crossplay enabled, very fast q-time. I have ~460-ish hours, half-ish of which survivor.

    Three duo-q games: Not very experienced killers. At the very least not at all on the level of yesterday evening's killers. Might have been matched to my duo partner (who plays a lot less & is probably at a way different level), I thought. While it was fun to, for once, be able to keep a killer busy for a prolonged time the gap felt too big and like it would be getting very old very fast.

    So I played another three games solo-q: While killer-players had accumulated about as many hours as I (at least where I could see steam profiles) they seemed somewhat new at their killers, aka no difference between duo- and solo-q. Again: It was fun to have the upper hand in chases (doesn't mean I never got downed, it just took quite a while) but it seemed like the gap was too big. My teamies also seemed at about the same level as I, making the inbalance between survivors and killer even more obvious (with one weak link things can snowball and games seem more balanced than they actually are, I find).

    It was 5 escapes, one hatch and yes, while I also had fun in all the games it's a short-lived kind of fun; the feeling of having the upper hand wears off very quickly and "fun" quickly turns into "boredom".

    Survivor loadout stayed the exact same for the entirety of the test (cause I saw some people speculating perks might have been taken into account).

    Final verdict: Evening/night survivor was horrible and unfun, I felt outmatched a lot. Killer evening/night was alright, though MMR seemed to overcorrect on a killer I'm new to while staying pretty accurate with the killer(s) I have played as more often. Noon survivor was the exact opposite of evening/night survivor; it was fun but not challenging and I felt the killer was usually outmatched by the survivors.

    One additional observation: even though I rarely escaped in the evening/night matches and didn't have the best time I pipped a lot and de-pipped very rarely. With the noon matches I usually zero-pipped (even though it at least felt like I was doing the same amount of gens, unhooking, healing and chasing). Makes me wonder if this MMR test also included some change to the pipping system.

  • BassadorBassador Member Posts: 92

    I believe them showing the grades at end screen is pretty bad for toxicity sake. They don’t mean anything, but time played in a month, but damn if there isn’t people talking crap afterwards. It’ll probably be listed as a bug like the old ranking system, where everyone’s rank was displayed in pregame lobby.

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