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Further add-on changes for the Legion!

AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,486


Legion, as you may know, got a huge add-on pass in this update, but some of the add-ons are trying too hard to be interesting, but fail at being good or useful at all, so I have a few ideas on how to change them!

Julie's Mix Tape + Frank's Mix Tape

These two add-ons basically do the same thing, they increase a specific action speed while in Feral Frenzy, it's an interesting idea, but falls right on it's face when you realize that you shouldn't be kicking Generators while in Frenzy or breaking Walls.

The effects are unique enough to be kept, so I suggest to combine these two add-on effects into one add-on (that being Julie's Mix Tape) and make it a common rarity, since these effect aren't impactful enough to be uncommon or even very rare.

Julie's Mix Tape (common)

While using Freal Frenzy:

  • Damage Generators and Breakable Walls 25% faster.
  • The power gauge pauses while doing these actions.

Also since we got rid of one uncommon add-on (I'm keeping Frank's Mix Tape very rare), it should get replaced by different common add-on. I think Mischief List is powerful enough to become an uncommon rarity add-on to take it's place.

Now to Frank's Mix Tape, since that add-on lost it's previous effect, it's time to give it something unique. Like Tatariu already suggessted several times, I think it would also be a great idea if it made Survivors drop their items. Maybe if that proved to be too powerful, it could have a small drawback like requiering chain hits or slightly decreasing the self mend time.

Frank's Mix Tape

  • Feral Slash causes Survivors to drop their carried items.

Etched Ruler

This add-on is odd, it helps you, but also hinders your power in a big way by removing any information you can get on Survivors with Feral Frenzy for it's duration.

So what if this add-on increased Feral Frenzy pallet and window vault speeds? It isn't something very powerful, but I think it would be really nice to have something like that. It could also act as a mini Bamboozle, since that Perk is very valuable as Legion to prevent Survivors going through you and vaulting a window again.

Etched Ruler

  • Increases Feral Frenzy windows and pallet vaulting speeds by 15%.

or it could do this:

  • Vaulting a window in Feral Frenzy blocks it for 5 seconds.

Also a little nitpick, I personally always disliked reworked add-ons that previously were an "evolution" of another one and now they have both completely different effects, so I suggest to rework the add-on into something else (like you did with Cold Dirt into BFFS) that isn't a ruler, so it doesn't suggest to be a recovery add-on like Scratched Ruler is. Maybe you could actually return Cold Dirt, so you don't have to create another image for it.

Stolen Sketch Book

I think this add-on shouldn't exist, it's effect doesn't do basically anything useful. Having shorter cooldown after basic attack would be great base kit, but if that wouldn't happen there already is a better add-on that makes the power gauge recover so much faster and it's common rarity.

So what if it also increased your movement speed slightly like the Mural Sketch does? It could increase your movement speed, but with a duration drawback.

Stolen Sketch Book

  • Increases speed bonus per hit during Feral Frenzy by 0.2 m/s.
  • Reduces Feral Frenzy duration by 2 seconds.

Joey's Mix Tape

This add-on actually doesn't need any changes with it's effect, but I always liked the idea of every Mix Tape add-on having it's own rarity, so decreasing it to Uncommon would be alright I think, since it's on par with Mangled now.

And since it would be an uncommon add-on, bumping up Never-Sleep Pills to rare wouldn't really hurt, I think that add-on is really good, even tho it makes you a slug.

Stab Wounds Study

I'm not sure why this add-ons was kept, since it was only commonly used with old Frank's Mix Tape, which is now gone forever.

So what if it did something special, something that still has something to do with Deep Wounds.

Stab Wounds Study

  • Deep Wounds timer goes 4x faster while working on different objectives (Totems, Generators, etc.).

This way it would still be pretty situational, but it could give a small surprise to Survivors that don't pay too much attention to their timer while working on Generators.


This add-on is such a good idea, but the effect is so laughable that it will never be used or useful. So I think it could do something more drastic.

Since reaching 30 stack isn't exactly easiest, what if it reduced the Feral Frenzy ability to down from 5 hits to 4 hits once the treshold is reached? Maybe that would be too powerful, but I let you decide.


  • If 30 or more tokens have been collected, decreases the ability to down Survivors in Feral Frenzy from 5 hits to 4 hits.


So what do you think about this? Would you change anything aswell? Let me know!


  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,486

    Here I come up with another idea to change the BFFS add-on to make it more viable!


    Each Feral Frenzy chain hit grants one Token.

    • At 4 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks inflict Blindness for 30 seconds.
    • At 8 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks make Deep Wounds take 2 seconds longer to mend.
    • At 12 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks inflict Hindered (power of 3%) for 15 seconds.
    • At 16 Tokens or more your Feral Frenzy attacks inflict Exhausted for 7 seconds.

    Or something like that, I think it would be really cool!

  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 1,895
    edited April 7

    I like that Stolen Sketch Book idea. You could either combine that with Mural Sketch for some really high speed, or you could offset the downside with Mischief List. I like the Stab Wounds Study idea as well, although I think 400% faster Deep Wound depletion for interactions like repairing and such is a little overkill. Something like 200% I think would be a little more balanced.

    edit: forgot to mention but I really want to see that version of Frank's Mix Tape in-game. I would definitely use that.

  • AhoyWolfAhoyWolf Member Posts: 3,486

    Glad to hear that! Also the 400% faster depletion is a bit too much, I agree, thank you for the feedback!

  • FrostyEyesSusieFrostyEyesSusie Member Posts: 415

    I really don't think your SWS rework accomplishes anything because nobody in his right mind would actually work on a gen while aflicted with DWs. Unless they're actual noobs and don't know how DWs work, but then you shouldn't be spending an add-on, let alone a purple one, to exploit noobs.

  • CyberianFauxCyberianFaux Member Posts: 206

    I definitely do work on a gen until the very last second of deep wounds because not doing that brings the risk of giving them another chain hit. Also, it is very efficient to pretend it doesn't exist until you have to. By doing it this way, they cannot come back to any person they have previously hit which will also prevent the 5th hit in the chain downs.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,555

    I totally agree that the "faster x action during Frenzy" addons can totally be combined, both of them are very weak and rarely occur during a match if at all. Especially the wall break thing.

    Same on the "hooked or downed reveal" addons on GF btw, just make it one addon that completely denies revealing for downed and hooked survivors. That's nowhere near OP tbh and would make the addon at least somewhat useful.

    Another idea to buff the breakable walls addon, to add something Blight style: hitting a breakable wall or pallet in Frenzy will break it. Discussable if it should end Frenzy or not, or reduced fatigue or something. Just as a base idea

    On Franks mixtape I would be totally fine if it kept the old effect when merging its new effect into one addon. Deep Wound study is now pretty much useless without Franks mixtape and the current combo of these two just kinda limits a chase to about 50 seconds which is still pretty long. I just play them atm to get rid of the soon-to-be-useless addons and get like 1 Frenzy down every third match because I either down them more quickly than the power needs to reset or because it is more worthy to switch targets sometimes.

    On BFFS I think this shouldnt be limited to the 5 gens, dont break the addon if gens get finished too early, and activate it as soon as you reach 30 stacks. Not sure if the 4 Frenzy hit thing would actually happen that often. 5 hits are already super difficult and when you are down to 3 survivors in endgame for example or if they dont team up too hard, then you work extremely hard for a bonus you might not even get. the 4% is at least a constant bonus.

    -> so your second idea to BFFS would be way better imho.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,555

    I do. Everytime when the killer is still close and I want to work on a gen or cleanse a totem and not give him the information about me being still close after mending. With the new instadown ability it would even happen more often I think. You can cleanse totems before you run out of Deep Wounds and I also prepare gates while in Deep Wounds as I prefer to get some gate progress ready before mending, being in Deep Wounds or just injured makes no difference, so get the gate progress to 70% has the priority over mending

  • FilthyLegionMainFilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 873

    Feel free to tell me what you think of this as an addon defining a whole new playstyle! :> https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/318631/never-sleep-pills-playstyle-idea

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,299

    I like all these except etched ruler. While on paper it may seem counterintuituve, there are a few stealth legions, like me, who utilize stealth on legion in specific ways. For example, because of this we can now use nurses and wallhack on survivors trying to heal after a mend (which also somewhat cancels out COH to a degree)

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