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What's with everyone using DH right now?

Flawless_Flawless_ Member Posts: 247

So I took a little break from the game and this week I've been playing again. I have never gone against so many teams where every single survivor runs DH. WHat's going on??



  • Flawless_Flawless_ Member Posts: 247

    Uhm, not really. At least not at this rate. I've been playing the game for a while and I think it's fair to say there's waaaay more survivors using it than there used to be. Maybe because they fixed validation?

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    People complain about it, so people read those complaints and use the perk to gain an advantage.

  • espookedespooked Member Posts: 358
    edited April 9

    I use overcome now. Kinda useless when half the killers can insta down you, isn't it

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 4,399

    Because it's the best Perk in the game

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,995

    Why wouldn't they use Dead Hard?

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,950

    It is a good Perk. Survivors dont have many Perks worth running. It works as it should work and you dont end up exhausted on the ground anymore.

  • WesCravenFanWesCravenFan Member Posts: 1,208

    It is the single most broken perk in the game. Second place isn't even CLOSE.

  • syainsyain Member Posts: 379

    By right now you mean the last 5 years right?

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 595

    aside the fact that this perk has been always so popular, there's a tome challenge that require dead hard if you want do it easily (avoid 5 hits)

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 1,470

    But sadly most survivors are not using it as it's supposed to be used for. DH is supposed to allow the Survivor to "dodge" a killer attack. But what most survivors are doing is using it to gain distance to safe zones.

    Hence why the Devs are looking into changing it. They don't like that DH is being used as a distance perk instead of a dodge perk.

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,950
    edited April 9

    Why do you think you can decide what DH is supposed to be used for?

    The Distance and the i-Frames are both part of the effect. Both are the supposed effect of DH. And if you want to make one the "main" effect, I would say it is the distance, considering it is mentioned first.

    But overall, both are the "supposed" effect. You stating that it is supposed to dodge a Hit is just your interpretation.

    And well, they are just saying they are looking into it. Not that they are looking into changing it, this is a difference. However, if they remove the distance, the Perk will be one of the worst Exhaustion-Perks.

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 1,470

    Ok then if it isn't to dodge a hit let's remove the I frames and keep the distance. Personally I don't care either way, the point I was trying to say is the Devs have said they don't like how DH is being used for distance and are looking into it. That being said that means the perk is not being used as intended and will be changed when they decide what that change is.

    SB some argue is a better perk than DH, but what makes DH better is that it gives both Distance and Iframes at a push of a button with no negative side effects. All the other exhaustion perks have some negative effect to them ie SB you can't run, Lithe you cant fast vault, BL well I shouldn't use that example because that's a buggy perk that needs some help.....

    Now I agree with you removing all the distance will make it weaker but not useless because you would still have the Iframes that will eat powers and attacks leading into a cool down period.

  • dictepdictep Member Posts: 850

    Remove all killer regression perks but pop, and all killers will use pop. The problem is not dh. Killers have a lot of regression perks, and survs only get trash perks in years

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,190

    For real. These guys aren't even using Dead Hard tactically as part of their looping. They're just look "Oop, ran into a wall- DEAD HARD!" and you get robbed of a down even when it's clearly an inexperienced survivor. That just shows how crutch it is.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,190

    I hope you understand that whenever a killer gets a new gen regression perk, that doesn't straight-up mean they get more regression. They have to swap out one of their older gen regression perks if they want to run the new one. And why would they? Pop and Ruin are way better than everything they've released since. That being said, they're still weak perks to me, because survivors can just deny you them by finishing gens in your face, breaking your hex, or denying you downs with all their second chances.

    Survivors have not just gotten trash perks. There's a borderline new meta perk released with pretty much every survivor. It's just that the current meta which has been that way for years is so OP, there's no point in changing anything. DH, BT, and UB have been untouched.

    And here's something anyone can observe: Killers get their best perks nerfed in an attempt to change up their meta, and survivors get their worse perks buffed in an attempt to change up their meta. There's a double standard, but it's the opposite of what you're saying.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759
    edited April 9

    What makes a good perk for survivor?

    If it has the potential to undo a mistake - op

    If it literally gives you third health state like old MOM - op

    Then we have the special category of boons. COH lets you bring full meta while only one guy needs COH for the entire team to heal themselves. This was already becoming an issue after the medkit buff, but at least killers had franklins and they were limited.

    Give me a survivor perk that doesn't fill these categories. i will start.

    Breakout. You can save your team mate from the hook but it requires teamwork. Yes, that nasty word that makes survivor perks deemed "bad"

  • yeyil75996yeyil75996 Member Posts: 17

    When the Killer is running faster than Survivors and has Bloodlust giving him a speed boost if he can't catch you, expect people to use a "second chance" perk with the number of assists the Killers have. A Dead Hard nerf would totally destroy this game, let's talk about it when that nerf happens, because it will, with the amount of crybaby killers there are on this forum and everywhere else.

  • dictepdictep Member Posts: 850

    Also killers can camp or tunnel if they are loosing. If survs are loosing, it’s 4k

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 4,643

    Tbh I'd rather go against sweaty killers with a good team than baby killer with a bad team. That's why crossplay off for me it's so much better. Everyone sweaty is better than everyone below average.

  • GhosteGhoste Member Posts: 1,521

    I imagine the anticipated nerf has increased its popularity even more recently.

  • Barbarossa2020Barbarossa2020 Member Posts: 1,029

    Well they said they were looking at that aspect though.

    "specifically in regards to the speed boost."

  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 11,950

    Yeah, if they take this away, they can basically delete DH. Since the I-Frames are not worth the Perk Slot at all. Would be a contender with Smash Hit when it comes to "worst Exhaustion-Perk".

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 4,779

    Smash hit is probably the best in terms of distance you get even if equipping it guarantees you get a nurse

  • malloymkmalloymk Member Posts: 1,289

    Devs are also working on a solution for the grind. I won't hold me breath that they'll do anything about that or dead hard anytime soon.

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