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A cool Victorian themed killer idea, The Puppeteer

Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882
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The Puppeteer

A Puppet master obsessed with the Occult. Used his research to give his puppets life which they follow his every order.

The Puppet master will have several puppets roaming the map but only 3 will be able to inflict harm to survivors while the others will inflict status effects. The Puppeteer is able to re-choose certain puppets to cause pain to prevent survivors from always guessing which ones to avoid.

The Puppeteer has a 2nd ability which is similar to Pinheads chains. He is able to summon a puppet string that the survivor will have to try to cut the strings. The Strings will also cause the 2 nearest puppets to go near the master to aid him while the strings will slow the survivor.

Just a simple idea I thought off.

@HaunterofShadows Might as well ping since ya did a concept earilier and you know my obsession of Victorian Era themes lol

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