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Post your first EVER DBD screenshot here!

PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524
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I'll post mine:

Ironically enough the first screenshot I took is the one I also pasted on the DBD steam forums to (try) help clear up some confusion regarding the adrenaline perks intended functionality.

I'm very interested to see everyone else's first ever screenshot - if your first pic is something like a loading screen feel free to pick the next one, or post your first few if you like.


  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    I'm feeling nostalgic so I'm gonna do more than that. Back in the beginning we had the pizza Dweets. I was a proud, proud pizza Dweet and I would do everything I could to deliver that sweet sweet pepperoni pizza to the exit gates at any costs.

    I remember dying of laughter just listening to Gary talk about the olive. Pre-game chat used to be amazing, you guys have no idea.

    One of my first escapes playing Nea. I think Halloween was a fresh release at this point. That rank 13 player was an absolute pro. That's a perk setup you still see today. I wished I'd be that good someday.

    My first 4 mori kill game. I wish I'd taken earlier screenshots but back then in 2017 I really wasn't thinking I'd still be playing the game today. It's just a good time.

    That olive man. It still makes me laugh.

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,510

    Old Dbd looks like such a fun time, even if it wasn't as balanced I wish I could have played back then

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,555

    First ever screenshot was that weird glitch where models would become enlarged

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,510

    Sometimes I wish that Dbd would just embrace being a party game

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524

    The pizza 🍕 dweets... they were funny, you don't see them anymore for some reason!

    Also crazy to see almost the same meta build being used all those years ago... it's the exact same one I use except self-care of course 😬.

    That reminds me of a huge Nea monster I saw on reddit a while back 😨. Scary.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,589
    edited April 15

    Seeing all of these makes me wish I still had my old PC with all of my ancient Screenshots on. Sadly it was so decrepit I just kinda had to replace everything so got a brand new machine and forgot to transfer files before the HDD got smashed lmao

    I can pretty accurately describe it though. Me, playing Claudette, in the SXHY jacket and amazing red boots from Chairty Case and 80s Suitcase respectively, T1 Botany and T2 Self-care equipped, on a corn map, as I am being facecamped. I think by a Wraith.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,678
    edited April 15

    The oldest shot I have is ...

    For reference, the last screenshot I have made yesterday is ...

    edit: removed all the names this time ...

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  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524

    I wish I had backed up my old DBD screenshots, I lost 99% of my 2016 DBD screenshots. At least I still have a few that I uploaded to the steam cloud.

    The SXY jacket was so good back then, used it sometimes myself as a Claud main... although we didn't exactly have much options. Was really good for immersing too.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,984

    Being a huge Halloween fan Laurie was my first main before I discovered Dweet.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,633

    technically speaking not the first screenshot i ever took, there is one prior to this, however that one was only made to show a bug so i dont really count it.

    in case you wanna see it regardless, here it is:

    also RIP to my legacy Trapper weapon :(

  • DragonMasterDarrenDragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,272

    i took this screenshot during i think 2019 or around that time to show how many items i had at the time

    The ranks and old Jake model sure bring back memories

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 989

    This is from 2 years ago. It was my first ever perfect game.

  • SuperyoshieggSuperyoshiegg Member Posts: 1,375
    edited April 15

    20th January, 2017.

    By no means my oldest, but its the oldest uploaded to my Steam profile.

    Look at those fully capitalised Survivor names. Positively ancient.

    EDIT: Went digging through an old hard drive and found this one.

    9th July, 2016. About three weeks after the game released.

    The username 'Baked Jake' was apparently hilarious to my fourteen year old self.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524

    Was that a failed pallet save? I can't tell, looks like he's just dropping the survivor though 🤔. Looks like you loaded into a 3v1 too... wait... were you farming? Also those perk rarities in the first pic... I'm guessing the Leader perk is that colour because the Dwight had it equipped? I don't even remember it being like that so that's interesting.

    That 2nd screenshot, 3 weeks after the game released? I think that's Wretched Shop? Wasn't there 3 open windows right where you're downed? Crazy.

    Also just for fun, here's my first in-game screenshot (cursed):

  • SuperyoshieggSuperyoshiegg Member Posts: 1,375

    Can't rightly remember the specific details to be honest. It *was* over five years ago, and that's a long time for someone in the midst of adolescence.

    The pallet save was successful, evident by the point indicator on the left. I doubt I was farming. I always thought it was a waste of time when I could just kill myself and move onto the next match ASAP.

  • i_dont_care223i_dont_care223 Member Posts: 56
  • BenOfMilamBenOfMilam Member Posts: 674

    I bug I saw that I just HAD to capture lol

  • syainsyain Member Posts: 420

    toxic since the beginning.

  • interesting_sandwichinteresting_sandwich Member Posts: 25

    This is from my first or second ever game as survivor, I was a baby Feng 😇. I haven't been playing DBD for too long, this is from December 2019.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,238

    First since switching to pc -

  • cordonrougecordonrouge Member Posts: 155

    what the hell happened to the graphics? i've never seen such a downgrade.

  • FilthyLegionMainFilthyLegionMain Member Posts: 943

    Only screenshot I have that's the oldest.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,744

    Many many years ago, back when people was just starting out and this was my first ever survivor game

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