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Who is your main and why did you pick them? Surv/Killer



  • JeanCharpentierJeanCharpentier Member Posts: 370
    edited April 19

    My main was Billy but he is pretty much unplayable now that my MMR is too high with him.

    Not me playing but just sharing to show how impossible the devs made it for Billy. This map layout, those windows, those impossible tiles to curve.

    GG devs, smart design choices. Smartest in the video game industry indeed, it feels as good as BF2042.

    More windows plz, there aren't enough in this building...

  • PlaysByShadyPlaysByShady Member Posts: 574

    Wraith when I picked up the game for obvious reasons

    Then switched to Spirit; I liked the stealth aspect and the sounds were on point at the time

    Then a whole bunch of nerfs and bugs happened (sound occlusion, etc), plus was going up against depip squads so put time into Nurse and now she's my main

  • Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 1,882

    My survivor main is Kate because according to Otz, she was the quietest short lady. And I was hella stealthy.

    And my killer main is Nurse because she's fast, I can get go through stuff instead of getting stuck on them and I don't have to deal with looping xd

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,616

    Killer: Pig - I like trying to live the dream of Reverse Bear Trap kills

    Survivor: Jake - I like his Blighted costume (but with a different pants).

  • MyNameIsMud96MyNameIsMud96 Member Posts: 12

    It's funny that you mention maining various killers. I was the same way!

    When I started playing back in 2019, I didn't really main any specific killer, I just played whoever I felt like playing.

    When I started playing again in 2021 I was hooked on Pyramid Head, Pig, Deathslinger, and eventually Pinhead.

    I got sick of how "easy" specifically the two p-heads were to win with so I wanted to play someone that wasn't just an easy 4k snoozefest.

    I was experimenting with various low-tiered killers and the one that stuck with me the most was Legion because I found out that runny stabby = fun to me.

    So now I am a Legion main as of March 2022.

    Pretty ironic that I'm a Legion main now, as I played some Legion games back in 2021 and I thought they sucked and rage quit playing them lol.

  • PirulukPiruluk Member Posts: 541

    Legion is the worst killer right now, probably the buff will help them a little

  • MyNameIsMud96MyNameIsMud96 Member Posts: 12

    I know. I find Clown fun as well so I am just weird. Probably helps that I like to meme most matches though.

    Ain't nothing more fun to me than just memeing or clownin' around lol.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,469

    I switch mains faster than my moods, but the one killer I also come back to is Legion. I love basically everything about them, and they're the killer that got me into DbD in the first place.

    As for survivor, I main Ash. I like the show and the movies, plus no one plays him so I feel unique.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 793

    Survivor :

    Cybil, because she's hot as hell, just the perfect woman :p

    I mean, hell xD

    Killer :

    Hillbilly when I want to flex (curve Billy),

    Ghost Face when I want to have fun,

    Nurse when I want blood points.

  • MaTtRoSiTyMaTtRoSiTy Member Posts: 298

    Nea, mainly because I have most perks on her. Killer is Nurse as I got sick of playing weak killers and feeling helpless and looping started to bore me senseless

  • Mechanix82Mechanix82 Member Posts: 95

    I play Nurse and Pyramid Head equally so i would say them and Jill Because i like the RE games

  • kombativokombativo Member Posts: 183

    main nurse cause the first time I enter dbd I really liked the idea of a tp killer then left it and mained billy for a while and now I came back to nurse cause I got better whit the tp ability

  • vanGlasse1vanGlasse1 Member Posts: 239

    I love Wraith and Clown as my main killers.

    Wraith because he's really good looking in most skins and I like the 50/50 hits you can try at some loops when coming out of invisibility.

    Clown is kind of a guilty pleasure which I can't really explain, I just love playing him overall and also get immersed with his Lord of the Underworld skin when using a full Hex build where I feel like a "god of curses" and have a chance to either lose terribly or massacre the whole team as soon as they break the first totem.

    I also play Pyramid Head and Nemesis quite a lot cause I like the tricky hits that you can get with their power at many loops, which are otherwise pretty impossible on other killers.

    As survivor I just adore Cheryl and Jill (mostly using Cheryl always) from the ones that are licensed because I like the characters in their games.

    My favorite original survivors are:

    Meg (she's 100% bae material imo)

    Zarina (she looks really nice and her skins are good to mix)

  • LunarWendigoLunarWendigo Member Posts: 77
    edited April 19

    So far my mains are Legion, Demo, and I go back and forth with Piggy.

    Nemesis might pop up on this list in having fun learning him lol

    But I play Legion the most. I use his power mainly for map info and I just really like how simple they are haha.

    Survivor main is Mikaela.

  • deKlaw_04deKlaw_04 Member Posts: 3,450
  • deKlaw_04deKlaw_04 Member Posts: 3,450

    There’s a reason to why I bought her. She’s my 6th main. Wish they could do a remake of silent hill to see her look hot in hd lmao

  • XyvieliaXyvielia Member Posts: 1,814
    edited April 19

    but call him Aloysius Devadander Abercrombie, that's long for Mud... so I've been told🤔

    Nea- she’s the first survivor I ever played as

    Nurse- also the first, and she floats☺️

  • psionicpsionic Member Posts: 539

    Spirit, because she is the best killer ever created. :)

    Felix, because he's beautiful.

  • DoomedMindDoomedMind Member Posts: 793

    Personally I bought Pyramid Head because I love the chase music ! But yeah, you can do stylish hits ahah, he sure is a very interesting killer to play !

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 1,081

    I play all killers but have a fondness for Michael and Hag. Dwight is my main as he is the OG and I remember unhooking someone and escaping through the hatch on my very first DBD match in 2016.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,873

    Dwight/Meg on survivor side - they've always been my first picks, I relate to Dweet's nerdyness, and Meg's running ability.

    Michael on killer side - I just love Halloween.

  • BenOfMilamBenOfMilam Member Posts: 435
    edited April 19

    Deathslinger, because I am the yee that haws in the night. Twins because I am a try-hard.

    Ace because I like opening chests lmao

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  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,401

    Survivor - Only ever played as Jake. Just so accustomed to his noises despite using iron will. Just play him out of loyalty really.

    Killer - Oni is my main, don't bother with Trapper or GF no more. Oni for me is the coolest aesthetically and his power is arguably one of the best in terms of fun and destruction. Will be suprised if another killer can prize me away ..... none have yet.

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 582

    My main Survivor has always been Jake. I've always just really connected with his story and loved his cosmetics, and have stuck with him for years. The other Survivors I main are Nea (Love her outfits), Leon (Absolutely love RE2), and Steve (Best Stranger Things character imho.)

    As for Killer, I've always had a soft spot for Myers (He's so simple, yet fun and rewarding.) My main is Pyramid Head though, I really enjoy going for wild M2s and enjoy the skill curve with him. Nurse and Huntress are probably my two honorable mentions, since I really enjoy playing both of them for how difficult they can be, while still being extremely satisfying when you succeed.

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,982

    instead you play hollow knight because your a great person

  • RooftopperRooftopper Member Posts: 141

    Legion - like to go FAST

  • FraudetteFraudette Member Posts: 84

    I guess I still main Quentin. Had him p3'ed before the face rework, and the vibe was unmatched. It felt so fun, loading into a trail playing him and goofing around. After the rework, I tried out some other characters to recapture that old aura (Johnathan Byers specifically lmao) but none ever stuck. Though, these days, I've been playing lots of Ash and Laurie- Ash just feels so goofy and makes me happy, and Laurie has such a badass vibe!

    Killerwise, Demogorgon is my go-to! Picked him up when he came out and never looked back. He's the perfect mix of mobile and threatening, but also its fun to play and always brings some light-heartedness to a match. He feels so fluid to play, and its really rewarding hitting a good curve shred. Also best pupper :)

  • TheGannManTheGannMan Member Posts: 9,359

    You got it wrong. Playing Valorant makes you a chad, especially if you main Sage or Killjoy.

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