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DS Glitch/Bug

LordofweedLordofweed Member Posts: 291

Hey, i think i found a potential bug/glitch.

About 2 weeks ago, i played some DBD in the evening as usual. Me and my friends noticed something very strange: I sabotaged a hook in order to save my mate from being hooked. I had 0 hook stages at that point and did NOT have DS as perk with me, but i was injured and the killer put me into the dying state, while carrying my mate. My mate wiggled free. The Killer tried to pick me up and without any skillcheck for me, i used "DS" and i got free for literally no reason.

Again: I had no DS and i wasn't even on the Hook one time. This happened only that single time since then...

Yesterday i played some matches with other friends (not the same guys as before when this happened the first time to me) and it happened again. Again the same hook sabo build (Dead Hard, Empathy, Breakout and Saboteur).


I have no clue what's wrong but it could be a cheater. In both matches when this did happen, there was a random Survivor with us. This happened 2 times in like 2 weeks, so this COULD be possible imo, but i don't know...What is the likelihood?

Whatever, just wanted to write this, so this can be fixed :)


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