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Survivors should be able to filter matches by killer

TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320
edited April 25 in General Discussions

How has this not been implemented yet. It’s ridiculous that the game has been out almost 6 years and filtering out killers isn’t an option. How am I supposed to concentrate when that chad of a killer Clown is jiggling in my face? Or when I have to stare at pyramid head’s thicc cakes? I need an option to avoid them, come on BHVR!


  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,968

    What PvP game exists where you can select who your opponent is?

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,917

    I know you're joking but We had community made mods in the past that let people do that and it was such a disaster(It caused infinite queues and lobbies) that those mods got black listed and the code got changed to stop them from ever working.

    Also anything that lets 4 separate people filter out their opponents will lead to infinite survivor queues/lobbies which is what happened above. That's before you consider how petty the community is about filtering out anything that beat them...Like what happened above!

    As for any filter system that takes a whole team into consideration all it takes is one bad apple to make lobby's wait time infinite. Let alone it would open it up for people purposely griefing lobbies by making them infinite...Like what happened above!

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,968

    You aren't selecting your opponent queueing as killer. Regardless if you lobby dodge or not, you have no control over what perks or characters the people you are facing are playing as.

  • OpenXOpenX Member Posts: 890

    Fine, fine, some of the Total War games with hotdrop mode where you could get a real player to jump in and fight your campaign battle with you. If the armies were large enough you could choose to search for someone to play your opponents army or leave it to the AI.

  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320
    edited April 25

    I’m not joking, Pyramid head is dummy thicc, and his ass cheeks clapping distract me too much, I can’t hear the skill checks. And have you seen the length of Michael’s pipe? How can I hit skill checks when I’m staring at that girthy rod? I need a filter, for my safety.

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