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Forced AA again and overall frustration

DecutorDecutor Member Posts: 51

The community time and time again has been requesting more graphics settings instead of just a handful of preset options. Being limited to this amount of options has been bearable after all these years because luckily we can / could meddle with game files (on PC).

Ever since day0 of AA introduction I have managed to play without it thanks to file editing but now that is gone. BHVR removes our option to make the game look sharper without giving us the built in alternative. They just take away features (even if unofficial) instead of replacing with a proper menu settings.

Frustration is the the only word that manages to summarize the feeling.

I understand not wanting people to see how low quality some hairs look (specially spirit) but the price is not worth it. To mask one problem you ruin the entire game by making everything lose sharpness/definition and give it a washed look.

Here are a few comparisons I have saved.

AA enabled:

AA disabled:

AA enabled:

AA disabled:


  • zaw1337zaw1337 Member Posts: 14

    And more that it makes your game laggy and so unplayable in some locations.

    Before that, I felt my game was a lot smoother and I don't enjoy playing the game now.

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 4,246

    I think I'm blind because I don't see the difference

  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 5,000

    Anti Aircraft in dbd?


    I might start playing again holy sh-

  • MiriamGMiriamG Member Posts: 27

    Not only does it end up disabled again, and we're still missing basic options that should be standard, but they're not even bothering to say anything about it. Shameful.

  • DecutorDecutor Member Posts: 51

    The difference is in sharpness of the image. DBD's AA instead of reducing jagged edges and imperfections (which would have a significant hit on performance), it just adds a layer of blurriness to mask/hide these flaws.

    Open both images and quickly switch between them. You will notice the blurry effect.

  • BladeisbestBladeisbest Member Posts: 308

    Ya it looks terrible... Like I need a new pair of glasses. Was perfectly fine before the patch.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,524

    Here's a GIF comparison I made (although not sure GIFs work on this forum, guess we'll see):

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