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i cant play the game anymore, i want a refund.

forced antialiasing literally ######### my fps up. i get around 25 if im lucky with constat drops and certain maps like rpd are UNPLAYABLE, which is ironic because i literally played resident evil 2 and 3 with no problems so i can't even imagine how badly optimized your game must be.

also im getting infinite loading screens and when i do get a game i can never reach after game lobby cause it just disconnects me after taking so long to load. now that last one was always an issue even in earlier patches.

game sucks on last gen consoles too despite having garbage 2010 graphics.

but you know what? at least one of your characters gets erections from men instead of women. that's really great. good for him.

fix your game or start giving refunds because:

1) the game has subpar perfomance both on consoles (last and new gen) and on pc's who meet minimum and recommended specs.

2) you do not advertise a laggy or stuttering product so it's literally false advertising.

3) tampering with the config files just to play the game properly was already unacceptable and now we dont have even that.

honestly embarassing. go free to play if you're gonna mismanage the game this badly. you're basically scamming people.

not that it's even worth it to go through all those issues to play the game, since it has 0 innovation, useless updates once every 2 months with maybe one perk change, no updates to the mechanics ever, and the balance is laughable.

i just want my money's worth though because you dont deserve it.


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